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About Pangkor Jetty

Pangkor Jetty or Jeti Pulau Pangkor is the main ferry terminal on Pangkor Island in Perak, Malaysia. The only way to get to Pangkor Island is by taking a ferry ride from Lumut Jetty. Upon arriving at Pangkor Jetty, travellers can conveniently get around town or to the respective accommodation by taking the taxi.

This is a passenger-only jetty that was built as a sheltered single-storey ferry terminal. This jetty has a concrete pier with four ferry berthing available. Pangkor Jetty has several necessary facilities and amenities for the public to use. There are washrooms and ticketing counters accessible within the premise. Travellers that reside on Pangkor Island can park their cars or motorcycles at the available parking lots outside the jetty.

There are several interesting must-visit places on the island including the Dutch Port, which is a famous tourist site that serves a scenic view of Pangkor Island. Towards the end of the Pangkor hill are beautiful temples for travellers to visit. Besides that, travellers should consider going to Giam and Mentagor islets for snorkelling as well!

Popular Ferry Route

Popular route from & to Pangkor Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Pangkor Jetty

The only way to get to Pangkor Island is by ferry from the Lumut Jetty to commute to the said island. The ferry ride takes roughly about 45 minutes or so to arrive, depending on the weather.

Upon arriving at Pangkor Jetty, the ferries will berth at one of the available three jetties there. From the jetty, there is a taxi stand just outside to transport travellers to their accommodations or destinations. On a side note, ferry rides returning to Lumut takes about the same amount of time as getting to Pangkor Jetty.

Popular Ferry Operator

The one ferry that transports travellers to Pangkor Jetty is Konsortium Mesra Duta Sdn Bhd. This ferry operator also takes travellers back to Lumut Jetty.

Facilities in Pangkor Jetty

Pangkor Jetty is a single-storey sheltered ferry terminal that acts a drop-off point for travellers coming from Lumut Jetty. The jetty currently has four ferry berthing capacity to welcome the arriving vehicles. There is a coffee shop locally known as a kopitiam located just outside the premise too. Travellers can head over there to have a drink or two before departing to their hotel or destination.

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Pangkor Jetty acts as a main passenger ferry terminal on the island. Upon arriving at the jetty, travellers can get around town by renting a bike or car instead. There is a taxi station conveniently located just outside the Pangkor Jetty.

Meanwhile, the main ferry route to get to Pangkor is by boarding a ferry from Lumut Jetty. Travellers can review their ferry schedule to Pangkor Jetty through Easybook website or via mobile application and use this guideline to book your tickets now!

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Pangkor Jetty, 32300 Pangkor Island, Perak
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