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Pantara Island Ferry Terminal

Known initially as Antuk Island, Pantara Island was developed into an island resort with its opening inaugurated by Indonesia’s then Tourism Minister in the late ‘80s. The island is a part of a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta’s coast. Via boat rides, travellers to Pantara Island would first notice how clear the water is the further it gets from Jakarta.  

It is a perfect weekend getaway as the usual travellers to Pantara Island are city folks from Jakarta who would come for some much-needed rest. Upon arrival, expect not to see a ferry terminal but a rather modest pier for passengers to get off the boats. The island is fenced with gorgeous coral reefs, making its beaches more amazing. Visitors can do fun activities such as snorkelling and water sports as well. 

Popular Ferry Routes 

Popular ferry routes in Pantara Island Ferry Terminal in Indonesia: 

How to Get to Pantara Island Ferry Terminal 

The only way for travellers to get to Pantara Island is by ferries or speedboats. You can start the boat trip from the closest departure point in Jakarta at the Ancol Marina Port. Travel time is expected to be around or slightly more than 2 hours. To get ferry tickets, use Easybook for a quicker booking process. Make sure to confirm the ferry schedule with the ferry operator as the timetable is subject to change in case of bad weather.  

Popular Ferry Operator 

Boat and ferry services in Pantara Island are currently conducted by one reliable ferry company available on EasybookSea Leader Marine regularly has boat trips from Jakarta to Pantara Island. Be sure to review the ferry schedule and ferry ticket price on the Easybook website before completing your online booking. 

Facilities in  Pantara Island Ferry Terminal 

Pantara Island Ferry Terminal is the place where passengers are pick-up and drop-off via the numerous ferries coming to the island daily. There are no facilities provided other than a wooden pier to get on and off the boats. Upon arrival, travellers will have to take a little walk to start exploring the island. 

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Surrounded by incredible clear waters and colourful coral reefs, Pantara Island is a great place to visit if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. Travellers can now buy ferry tickets made convenient with Easybook’s online booking platform. Save time from purchasing ferry tickets over the counter and get it through online booking instead. Details such as ferry schedules, ferry ticket prices and many more are provided for your review. Head over to Easybook website or download the official mobile app to book a ferry ticket to Pantara Island today! 

Pantara Island Ferry Terminal

Pantara, Pulau Harapan, Kepulauan Seribu Utara, Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14540, Indonesia
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