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About Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal

Crossing the Malaysia-Singapore border from Singapore can be simply done from Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal (TBFT). TBFT operates daily ferry routes between Malaysia and Singapore as a pick up and drop off point transporting passengers to the ferry terminal. The location of TBFT is in one of the subdistricts in Kota Tinggi, Johor called Pengerang. This terminal in Pengerang was established to encourage tourism development and attract more visitors to come to Desaru, Johor. Desaru is famous for its pristine Desaru beach graced with beautiful white sand and cool sea breeze and it is located just 30 minutes away from TBFT.

TBFT becomes the main gateway going in and out of Singapore and it was created to give tourists an easy access to Desaru. Ferry route between Singapore and Malaysia was connected as Changi-Tanjung Belungkor and there is only one ferry operator that provides these ferry services. The sailing duration is usually around 30 minutes and the ferry crosses the route up to 18 times per week. The sailing durations mostly depends on the season as the season may vary.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular route from Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal.

How to Get to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal

Going to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal from Johor Bahru is only accessible by car as there is no bus terminal available in Tanjung Belungkor. Visitors can either take a taxi or personal car from Pasir Gudang, Johor signing up an hour trip to TBFT.

This applies to all travellers from other Johor Districts and states in Malaysia to plan the journey properly. For instance, if departing from Mersing Johor, there are express buses provide services going to Pasir Gudang Terminal, and from the terminal, call for a taxi or drive a personal car to go to TBFT, but be sure to refer to the bus schedules by bus operators beforehand if trips to Pasir Gudang Terminal are actually offered.

A direct access to TBFT from Singapore can be reached in 30 minutes by ferry from Changi Ferry Terminal. There is, however no direct connection available from Batam, Indonesia to TBFT. For any Indonesians who wish to stop by in TBFT, take a ferry from Batam Center that sails to Pelabuhan Pasir Gudang and once reached, taxi can be taken that goes straight to TBFT.

Popular Ferry Operator

Limbongan Maju Sdn Bhd is the only one ferry operator that provides multiple trips between Malaysia and Singapore.

Facilities in Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal

TBFT receives many visits from guests comprised of both local and Singaporean tourists. The terminal includes basic facilities to avoid inconvenience that may happen at the terminal. Since the terminal provides connection to Singapore, passengers can take a stroll in the duty-free shops while waiting for the ferry to sail.

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Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal always gets visitors coming in from Singapore. Getting to Desaru from Singapore is accessible from TBFT by taxi. However, Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa offers shuttle services from TBFT to Desaru Beach and this arrangement is only applicable to their customers.

To get a ferry ride experience between Singapore and Malaysia, ferry tickets can be booked easily via Easybook website by following these simple steps.

Contact Details

Tanjung Belungkor 81600 Pengerang, Johor
+607-827 8001

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