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About Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty

A seasonal trip to Koh Lipe, Thailand can be made easy from Langkawi by taking a ferry from Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty. Koh Lipe is an island situated in the Andaman sea and it is known for offering an amazing landscape of wonder for visitors. Planning an affordable trip from Langkawi to experience a lavish island view in Koh Lipe can be practically done without any hassle. Koh Lipe is open year-round; however, the ferry services operate according to the season. During the monsoon season, the trips will not be as effective and often during the high season. Ferries to Koh Lipe from Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty are only available some parts of the year.

The location of Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty is in Pantai Kok area and the village has been developed into a harbour for yachts, speed boats and ferries cruising within the region. The jetty is managed by Telaga Harbour Sdn. Bhd. serving visitors comfortable ferry trips to and from Koh Lipe. Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty is located 15 minutes away by car from Langkawi International Airport. This ferry crossing of Malaysia-Thailand border has been operating since 2005 and the cooperation and agreement between both countries have been running smoothly ever since resulting to good tourism development. After going through the immigration process, passengers can board the 90-minute ferry ride and crossing the different time zone to Koh Lipe.

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How to Get to Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty

If the travel plan going to Koh Lipe started from Langkawi, the only available transportation option to get to Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty can only be done by taking a taxi or car rental from any area in Langkawi that have the services. There are no operating bus services available in Langkawi.

Visitors can also take a flight from any local and international airports that provide departures to Langkawi International Airport. Once arrived in Langkawi International Airport, grab a taxi or drive for a 15-minute trip to Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty.

Langkawi is notable for its beaches and it will only take less than an hour to reach the harbour. From Pantai Cenang, it takes 20 minutes of driving to get to Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty. Therefore, it is easy for any travellers who have the plan to spend half of the day at any of the beaches to estimate the travel time.

Popular Ferry Operator

Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty is operated by Telaga Terminal Sdn Bhd, where it connects the ferry routes between Langkawi and Thailand.


Basic facilities are available in the ferry terminal for guests to use. A petrol station is located just next to Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty completed with in-house convenience store and ATM machine. Visitors can also spend a night in the area as there is a hotel nearby. There are reviews stated that this harbour with a modern marina offers a stunning view especially during the night, so a one-night stay will not be a waste to enjoy a night breeze.

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Visitors can cross the border between these two neighbouring countries without facing any hassle by booking ferry tickets routing to Koh Lipe from Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty. Adding a new stamp in the passport through this simple ferry trip will fulfil every traveller’s sense of wanderlust. Since Langkawi is a small island, getting from other destinations to Telaga Harbour Marina Jetty will not take more than an hour, especially if travelling from one of the beaches in Langkawi.

Contact Details

Telaga Harbour Marina Lot 1, Telaga Harbour Park Pantai Kok, 07000 Langkawi
+604 959 2208

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