Melaka Public Holidays

Public holidays in Melaka or Malacca are generally the same as other states in Malaysia. However, it has several special holidays included in its yearly calendar which are the Declaration of Melaka as a Historic City, Awal Ramadan and Melaka Governor’s Birthday.

The Declaration of Melaka as a Historic City was declared as Malacca public holiday to celebrate the city’s designation as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This celebration falls on April 15 each year with businesses and offices closing their operations on that day. Awal Ramadan is a special day to celebrate the first day of the month of fasting in the Islamic calendar (Ramadan).

Since Melaka is not a Sultanate state, Malacca Governor’s Birthday is celebrated instead of Sultan’s birthday. Going back to the history, Melaka once used to be a royal state, but the system of monarchy was ended when the Portuguese dominated the state during the 16th century. The official date of this Melaka holiday depends on the birthday of Melaka’s current governor.

Melaka Public Holidays 2019 Dates

Be noted that the 2019 dates released for Melaka public holiday below may have some changes or adjustments if there are any official announcements made affecting the public holidays in Melaka.

Date Day Holiday
1 Jan Tuesday New Year’s Day
5 Feb Tuesday Chinese New Year
6 Feb Wednesday Chinese New Year Holiday
15 Apr Monday Declaration of Melaka as a Historical City
1 May Wednesday Labour Day
6 May Monday Awal Ramadan
19 May Sunday Wesak Day
20 May Monday Wesak Day Holiday
5 Jun Wednesday Hari Raya Aidilfitri
6 Jun Thursday Hari Raya Aidilfitri Holiday
11 Aug Sunday Hari Raya Haji
12 Aug Monday Hari Raya Haji Holiday
31 Aug Saturday Merdeka Day
1 Sep Sunday Awal Muharram
2 Sep Monday Awal Muharram Holiday
9 Sep Monday Agong’s Birthday
16 Sep Monday Malaysia Day
11 Oct Friday Melaka Governor’s Birthday
27 Oct Sunday Deepavali
28 Oct Monday Deepavali Holiday
9 Nov Saturday Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday
25 Dec Wednesday Christmas Day

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