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Sai Gon Railway Station

Evolving as a modern metropolis buzzing with a mix of contemporary and ancient cultures, Sai Gon was once demolished by countless wars. The locals still often regard the city as Sai Gon although it has been officially renamed as Ho Chi Minh City in 1976. Its ancient cultures are retained within the bustling streets furnishing a touch of French-colonial architecture, flourishing markets as well as charismatic and peaceful temples.  

Sai Gon or Ho Chi Minh City is a city of exuberance and discovery. From the finest hotels to budget guesthouses and extravagant restaurants to minuscule street stalls, Sai Gon has it all offering a non-stop adventure in the exquisite locality. 

One of the many railway stations in Vietnam, Sai Gon Station is Sai Gon’s primary rail station. It is situated within District 3 and is the largest train station being the most significant railway hub in Vietnam as Sai Gon is a monumental city as well as the centre of economy in the country. The train station is also the last station along the North-South Railway marking it as the last railway point within Vietnam. Trains departing from Sai Gon Station serve coastal cities heading towards the north of Sai Gon city centre.  

How to Get to Sai Gon Station 

For international travels from Ho Chi Minh Airport, the easiest way to reach Sai Gon Station is to board a taxi service. It is advisable to ensure that a metered taxi is taken to avoid any overcharges. The airport and Sai Gon Station is situated at about 7 kilometres apart and a taxi ride will take around 35 to 40 minutes upon arrival at the train station

Access to Sai Gon Station is also available directly from Nha Trang Station via trains. The distance between these two train stations is around 411 kilometres whereby a train ride will take about 7 to 8 hours. Trains can also be taken to get to Sai Gon Station for departures from Thap Cham and Phan Thiet via Thap Cham Station as well as Muong Man Station as trains running along Saigon – Nha Trang route also makes a stop in these stations.  

Popular Train Service 

Currently, the only train operator running through Sai Gon Station is Vietnam National Railway. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Sai Gon Station in Vietnam 

Features in Sai Gon Station  

Train operations inside Sai Gon Station run on a regular train schedule with train ticket prices offered at an affordable range. The train station also provides all the essentials needed within a train station similar to other stations.  

Several facilities can be easily accessed within the train station. Offering a sheltered waiting area, its foyer is furnished with benches for passengers to relax while waiting for train departures.  

Top features in Sai Gon Station: 


Due to its booming fascinating culture, classic architecture, sleek skyscrapers and ornate temples as well as pagodas, Ho Chi Minh City or Sai Gon has become a well-known tourist destination. The city of Sai Gon is packed with rooftop lounges overlooking its elegant cityscape while its phenomenal restaurants offer an array of dishes from French and Chinese to local Vietnamese cuisines.  

From its timeless alleys to incense-infused temples, Sai Gon is a perfect destination for wanderers. The real beauty of Sai Gon’s urban collage is fabricated through a seamless blending of its past realm and contemporary sphere. Trains in Sai Gon Station offer numerous timetables with efficient departures as well as arrivals. A convenient online ticket booking site is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform for the convenience of many exciting trips heading to Sai Gon. Book a train ticket with Easybook now and enjoy affordable train fares on board trains from Sai Gon Station. 

Sai Gon Station

No. 1, Nguyen Thong Str, 9 Ward, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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