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The Bahau Bus Station is located in Bahau, in the Jempol district of Negeri Sembilan. Locally, Bahau is known for its agriculture based economy which can be seen by the town’s surroundings of palm tree and rubber tree plantations.

The bus stop regularly operates to other parts of Jempol including some prominent tourist attraction areas. In fact, the town is the pitstop for travellers before departing to the Ulu Serting Recreational Park for some fun outdoor activities. Unknowingly, the food scene in Bahau has been slowly emerging which attracts more visitors, particularly food lovers, to come and find the local hotspots.

Having been built during the town’s earlier economy boom, the bus stop went through a lot of improvements and reconstructions throughout the years to maintain its functionality. Subsequently, finding the Bahau Bus Station will not be a tedious task. Passengers will find an array of convenient stores and restaurants, and some noticeable landmarks such as a gas station, the town’s church building and a school nearby.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Bahau Bus Station in Bahau

How To Get To Bahau Bus Station

There are many forms of transportation available to get to Bahau such as cars, buses and trains but public transportation from other states to Bahau are not as frequent as to other towns in Negeri Sembilan, namely Seremban.

The easiest method is still by bus, so travellers from Kuala Lumpur are advised to take buses from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) as it directly arrives at the Bahau Bus Station. Bus tickets can be purchased online to avoid any commotion and passengers can decide the desired time and seats after going through the bus schedule.

Popular Bus Operators

Passengers can choose any bus operator that they prefer. Some of the popular bus operators available in the Bahau Bus Station are Transnasional and Jengka Liner. Operators might differ in other places.

Facilities in Bahau Bus Station

The bus terminal is fairly spacious and is within the Bahau city centre, easily connected with most major parts of the town. Upon arriving, passengers will know how to navigate the premises with most of the terminal’s feature within sight. The ticket counters are on the same platform with the sheltered waiting area, equipped with seats and a payphone.

While waiting, do check out the convenient store at the platform to get some snacks while waiting for departure or to stock some food supplies for the road. Other basic amenity such as toilets are located at the back of the bus terminal, where another payphone is at sight.

Most importantly, there are enough parking lots for vehicles at the Bahau Bus Station to avoid the roads from getting crowded. A pleasant attribute of the bus station is the presence of several parking lots for disabled people, strategically placed right next to the platform and toilets. The premise is also a non-smoking area so travellers of all ages will be comfortable while waiting for departure.

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Although coming to the Bahau Bus Station might not be an effortless feat, there is still a lot for travellers to see and it is worth the time and endeavour to look around. The terminal operates at a regular basis as the town’s people rely on it to go to various destinations. The town that was built upon agriculture and is now emerging as a food haven in Negeri Sembilan is a solid reason to book a trip there.

Since there is no available contact number of the Bahau Bus Station, booking a bus ticket online is still the best approach to start off the trip. Easybook offers a service that can be easily done for your online ticket bookings, and we look forward to serving your future trip to Bahau by following these simple steps.

Bahau Bus Station Contact Details:

Pusat Perniagaan Bahau, 72100 Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
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