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About Changlun Bus Terminal

Changlun is located north of Peninsular Malaysia and it is a busy old town in the Kubang Pasu District of Kedah. About a 35-minute drive from the capital city of Kedah in Alor Setar, Changlun town is known to be crowded with local travellers, as well as from Thailand. Changlun serves as a comfortable short stay before continuing on with their journey to Thailand or other cities in Malaysia.

Locally known as “Arked Perhentian Bas dan Teksi Changlun,” Changlun Bus Terminal is located right smack in the heart of Changlun town along the busy north-south highway. This double-storey bus station is constantly busy as there are daily departures and arrivals at the bus station from different cities across Peninsular Malaysia.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Changlun Bus Terminal in Kedah include:

How To Get To Changlun Bus Terminal

Changlun Bus Terminal is located in the town centre of Changlun and is situated along the North-South Highway with a few transportation modes to reach the bus station. Locals can gain access to the taxi services to the Changlun Bus Terminal conveniently from the neighbouring towns. Friends and family members would also help to pick up or drop-off travellers at this bus station in Changlun, as there is a spacious waiting area just nearby.

Popular Bus Operators

There are many bus operators that travel in and out of Changlun Bus Terminal on a daily basis. Among the popular bus operators providing services at this bus station include Ekspress Mutiara, S&S International (M) Express and Perdana Express.

Facilities in Changlun Bus Terminal

Changlun Bus Terminal is a double-storey building with a waiting area and taxi stand located on the ground floor, while the management offices for some of the operators are situated on the first floor. The bus ticket counters allow convenience for travellers to check for the bus schedule information as well as confirmation on the bus plate number before boarding at Changlun Bus Terminal. Apart from that, there are also convenient stores located in the bus station for a quick snack or drink.

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Changlun is an energetic town where travellers from Malaysia and neighbouring countries touch down before they proceed to their destinations within the country or even Thailand. Changlun Bus Terminal plays an important part as the meeting point for express buses travelling from Masai, Johor to Changlun with City Express or from Changlun to Kuala Lumpur with Sri Maju Kangar.

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Changlun Bus Terminal Contact Details

Kampung Paya Nongmi, 06010 Changlun, Kedah
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*仅高价于柜台价格0.01% **仅适用于没有使用折扣码的交易 ***部分行程折扣已包含于票价中(低于柜台价) *图片仅供参考 * 行程时间仅为估计时间。