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About Labis Bus Terminal

Labis is another subdistrict in Segamat, Johor that is notable for its atmospheric Taka Melor Amenity Forest and Labis Hot Spring hotspots located in Kampung Tenang. Both attractions are now becoming popular tourist spots to visit in town as the area is rooted by the beauty of nature. Visitors will be able to enjoy fun recreational activities by going to these attractions suitable for family to spend quality time together in Labis.

Labis Bus Station serves as a hub and terminal point for bus routes that travel from different destinations. The station is locally known as Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Labis that points out the main public transport services offered in this terminal. Johor’s Labis bus terminal provides services to various destinations across Peninsular Malaysia.

Labis train station is also located nearby which only takes a 4-minute walk from the bus station. The distance between the bus and train station makes it convenient for travellers to carry out their plans accordingly. Terminal Bas Dan Teksi Labis is situated around the market aptly named Pasar Awam Labis and few shop lots.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Labis Bus Station

How to get to Labis Bus Station

Travellers can either choose to take the bus or train to get to Labis depending on the departure points. From KL to Labis, bus can be taken from Putrajaya Sentral that goes directly to Labis Bus Station. To get from KL to Labis by train, passengers can take the KTM Electric Train Service (ETS) service that stops at Gemas Station. From Gemas Station, an interchange is required by getting on a train that commutes to Labis train station, in which the Labis Bus Station can be reached within walking distance.

As for Johoreans, there are also few destinations in Johor that offer trips to Labis Bus Station and bus tickets can be booked conveniently online through Easybook. The only option to get to Labis Bus Station within the town area is by taxi.

Popular Bus Operators

Bus services that have express trips to KL including KL Airports from Labis Bus Station are operated by Trans MVS Express Bus Services. Cepat & Cekap Express is an express bus company based in Segamat that provides multiple trips to different destinations in Johor.


The building offers sheltered waiting area for passengers before departing to their destinations at Labis Bus Station. Strategic location of the bus station makes it convenient for passengers to walk to any nearby restaurants located in the area.

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Labis is a perfect holiday destination for any visitors to plan a short getaway trip to Johor. Taka Melor Amenity Forest gives the recreational vibes for those who enjoy doing outdoor activities. Family with small children visit the Labis Hot Spring for a relaxing and fun time. Bus tickets to Labis can be booked via Easybook without hassle.

Labis Bus Terminal Contact Details

85300 Labis, Johor, Malaysia
+607-925 1781

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