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About Mersing Bus Terminal

Mersing town is situated on the east coast of Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. Approximately 136 kilometres from the city centre of Johor Bahru, it is a favourite layover for local and foreign tourists as it is the main departure point for ferries to the state’s many offshore island paradises. It lies on the main road of Johor connecting the south and east of Johor with the east coast of the state of Pahang. The gateway to the famous tropical paradise of Tioman Island, Mersing is both the name of a town and district in northeast Johor.

Within Johor’s district of Mersing, Mersing Bus Terminal has been established for easy access of travelling. Locally known as Terminal Bas dan Teksi Bandar Mersing, the bus station is centrally located in the quiet town of Mersing along the banks of the Mersing River. Several cheap bus tickets are available sold inside Mersing Bus Terminal as it heads to a variety of big towns in diverse parts of Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Penang as well as Johor Bahru.\

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Mersing Bus Terminal in Johor

How to Get to Mersing Bus Station

Mersing Bus Terminal also accommodates several taxi services as a taxi stand is located just outside the terminal providing convenience for the public to get to the bus terminal. Main access to the bus station can also be attained via express buses as well as local buses crossing the town of Mersing. Mersing Bus Terminal can also be reached via ferry services as Mersing Jetty is situated within a 2-minute drive from the bus station. It is about a 10-minute walk on foot towards the bus station from the jetty. Mersing Jetty caters for routes from Mersing heading to the Tioman Island.

Buses to Kuala Lumpur is one of the most common bus services departing from Mersing Bus Terminal with return routes coming back from KL to Mersing commonly utilized by the locals. Frequent bus services are provided via Mersing Bus Terminal for public's convenience heading towards assorted destinations. Schedules upon bus departures getting to and from the bus station in Mersing is now available for review on the website to provide a convenient travel.

Popular Bus Operators

A variety of bus companies operating in Mersing Bus Terminal can be chosen from including Plusliner, Transnasional, Ekspress Mutiara and S&S International (M) Express.


The bus station is ample enough to serve the locals in the small town of Mersing to get to various destinations. Mersing Bus Terminal displays a laid-back vibe with moderate amount of crowd as it is a transit for people getting to the entryway of many splendid islands in Johor, Mersing Jetty. Basic facilities are provided for public use with a few ticket counters inside the bus station and several convenient stores.

Parking spaces for cars as well as motor vehicles are available surrounding the bus station. Next to the terminal, Pasar Basah Mersing (Mersing Wet Market) is bustling with many locals especially during the weekends. A domestic supermarket known as Pasaraya Kini can also be reached as it is situated just opposite the bus station.

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Mersing has expanded in recent years into a busy coastal town, gaining reputation as gateway to some of the most beautiful islands in Peninsular Malaysia. Droplets of islands dimple the waters just off Johor and along its coastline including Tioman and Rawa Islands respectively. These islands range from mere rocky outcrops to legend steeped archipelagos.

Getting around Mersing Bus Terminal will be of no hassle as the bus station will be surrounded with warm and helpful locals to guide the way. An easy online bus ticket booking is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform for the convenience of planned as well as unplanned trips to see what Mersing has to offer.

Mersing Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Kampung Bahagia, 86800 Mersing, Johor
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