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About Muar Bus Terminal

Previously known as Pagoh Bus Station and Bentayan Bus Station, the Muar Bus Terminal is located near the riverbank of Muar in Johor. Muar is famous for its rich history from before the World War II and it is surrounded by old historical buildings that turn into shops, as well as being famous for its coffee and delicacies.

Situated at the central of the town, the Muar Bus Terminal has always been the choice to commute to their destinations whether it is near or far. Muar Bus Terminal has recently undergone a renovation to maintain the condition of the bus terminal, so the platforms and waiting areas are brighter and looks well-kept.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Muar Bus Terminal in Johor

How to Get to Muar Bus Station

Getting to the Muar Bus Terminal is quite accessible through various means of transportations. The locals can choose to get to the bus terminal by hailing a taxi or by bus from Bandar Maharani Bus Terminal. Another alternative option for travellers is through the ride sharing application to get to Muar Bus Terminal as it is available at your fingertips.

Popular Bus Operators

Travellers can choose various choice of bus operators that are available at the Muar Bus Terminal such as Mayang Sari, and Transnasional.


Situated beside the riverbank, Muar Bus Terminal has several new facilities that is fully functional due to its previous renovation. The terminal has a sheltered waiting area and benches for the comfort of the travellers while they wait for their buses.

For those travellers who come from afar, there is a car park conveniently situated beside Muar Bus Terminal. Restaurants and food court are available within the bus terminal, as well as other facilities such as washrooms, a couple of convenient stores and ticket counters as well.

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The Muar Bus Terminal is located beside the riverbank of Muar and is surrounded by other facilities within walking distance. The Muar Bus Terminal is also easy to be found and accessible through a few types of transportations, regardless if you live near or far.

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Muar Bus Terminal Contact Details:

104, Jalan Maharani, 84000, Muar, Johor
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*仅高价于柜台价格0.01% **仅适用于没有使用折扣码的交易 ***部分行程折扣已包含于票价中(低于柜台价) *图片仅供参考 * 行程时间仅为估计时间。