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About Terminal Bas Pekan

Pekan is a district in Pahang and it is known as the royal town of the state. It has several attractions that are often visited by visitors in town. The prominent landmarks in Pekan, Pahang that offer historical references are Abu Bakar Palace, Sultan Abdullah Mosque and Sultan Abu Bakar Museum. These attractions are recommended among the top places to visit in the town.

The main public transportation services that are available in Pekan are bus and taxi. To experience what Pekan offers, Terminal Bas Pekan acts as the main bus station in the town where express and transit buses operate. Bus operators that serve at this terminal connect local communities with other cities in Pahang and provide long-distance destinations for travellers.

How to Get to Terminal Bas Pekan

Within the town, Terminal Bas Pekan can be reached both via the taxi and bus services. Shuttle bus is provided, and it operates accordingly following the schedules set by the bus operator. Be reminded that the shuttle bus only has specific bus stops in Pekan. Shuttle bus services are used by the locals to get to the terminal from Kuantan.

However, to experience a fast and direct trip from Kuantan to Terminal Bas Pekan, there are bus operators that provide direct trips for travellers. Departing from Kuantan (Terminal Sentral) to Terminal Bas Pekan only takes up an hour journey. Travelling to Pekan, Pahang from other states of Malaysia such as Johor and Terengganu are provided as well. Trips offered are direct bus trips to Terminal Bas Pekan, so there are not interchanges needed in between. Online booking for bus tickets can be made easily departing to Terminal Bas Pekan via Easybook.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Terminal Bas Pekan

Popular Bus Operators in Terminal Bas Pekan

The usual departing times are scheduled by bus operators from Terminal Bas Pekan. The timetables can be surveyed via the website. There are three bus operators that operate directly from Terminal Bas Pekan including Maju Express that offers multiple bus trips to Kuantan and Johor.

Facilities in Terminal Bas Pekan

Basic amenities are available for travellers to use in Terminal Bas Pekan. There is no prayer room provided at the terminal. The nearest one available is Surau Pekan Baru, which is only a 4-minute walk from the terminal. There is also a nearby shopping mall that travellers can visit and find various choices of food.

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A visit to Pekan in Pahang can be meaningful as visitors will get to know some of the historical backgrounds kept in the town. Pekan is the home to the state’s royal family, thus this shows its significance as the royal town and why some of the attractions in Pekan have the royal qualities. Visitors will get the experience to learn more about the culture and tradition of this local town in Pahang.

Terminal Bas Pekan is a station that provides various departures to different destinations to and within Pahang. Bus tickets can be booked simply via online booking and destinations can be easily arranged with the information given but be sure to check the timetables provided by bus operators. Bus tickets can be booked online by following these simple steps the simple steps.

Terminal Bas Pekan Contact Details

Jalan Ungku Muda, 26600, Pekan, Pahang, Malaysia
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