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About SKMK Kuala Krai Bus Station

Kuala Krai is a small town located in the state of Kelantan. Not long ago, Kuala Krai was still a part of the country’s national rainforest before it slowly developed into the introduction of railroads and train services in the east coast state. SKMK Kuala Krai Bus Station, also known as the Kuala Krai bus terminal, is the main bus station in the area. The bus station is a single-storey sheltered building at the corner of Jalan Ah Sang and Jalan Panggong, making its location at the centre of Kuala Krai.

It is also about 70 km from Kota Bahru, the capital city of Kelantan, which makes it an active location as a lot of people are using the bus daily for work and as means of travel to other places. Recently, the Kuala Krai bus terminal is an integral stop for backpacking tourist due to its proximity to affordable accommodations and about 30 minutes away from the popular Lata Berangin Waterfall, which attract locals and travellers alike for some downtime with nature.

Popular Bus Routes

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How to Get to SKMK Kuala Krai Bus Stop

Do not be surprised to find how accessible the Kuala Krai bus terminal is within the town. Public transportation such as bus and taxi services are quite popular. Visitors from Kuala Krai Train Station, known as the biggest railway station in Kelantan require just a 5-minute walk to the bus station.

Visitors can also drive to Kulai Krai but traffic in Kelantan can be especially unpredictable at times, so in order to avoid getting caught in more than five hours' worth of traffic, board a bus straight to the bus station instead. This way, you can be well-rested and enjoy the sights along the journey.

Popular Bus Operators

Passengers can choose from various bus companies operating in the Kuala Krai Bus Terminal including Ekspress Mutiara and Cepat & Cekap Express.


The Kuala Krai Bus Terminal provides adequate facilities for public use. Buses and local taxis operate from and to the terminal as it is nearby most of the commercial landmarks in Kuala Krai. The terminal has taxi stands where passengers can wait to use taxi services. Several bus operator counters are also available at the station itself.

The Kuala Besut Bus Station provides basic amenities such as a spacious sheltered waiting area, washrooms and car park area, which are available just outside the bus terminal. Travellers can also find food stores, bank ATMs and convenient shops all around the corner. Do not hesitate to try any of the local delicacies while waiting for departure.

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SKMK Kuala Krai Bus Station holds great importance in the town as it is the place for buses to pick up and drop off passengers at Kuala Krai. It is also the place that connects its residents with major cities in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia like Kuala Lumpur and Melaka as well as to beautiful nature sites like Lata Berangin Waterfall.

No contact number is available right now for the SKMK Kuala Krai Bus Station, however, you can always go on to the Easybook website at any time of the day for online bus ticket bookings. Easybook has you covered to make your travels as convenient as possible.

SKMK Kuala Krai Bus Station Contact Details:

Pekan Kuala Krai, 18000 Kuala Krai, Kelantan
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