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About Sibuan Island Jetty

Famed for its elegant beauty, Pulau Sibuan or Sibuan Island is a tear-shaped sand cay being one of the eight islands forming a part of Tun Sakaran Marine Park. Covering an area of approximately 15.13 hectares, it appears to be built entirely from the eroded remains of an adjacent coral reef. Limestone beach rock has formed in several places, particularly within the northern end of the island.

Sibuan Island is connected via ferry and boat rides through Sibuan Island Jetty. Situated just a few kilometres away from Semporna, ferry rides between these two locations will take about 30 minutes upon arrival. With its flawless condition and a virtually deserted beach accompanied by white sand as well as crystalline warm water, Sibuan Island makes an amazing paradise for snorkelling off the coast of Sabah within the Celebes Sea.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular routes to Sibuan Island Jetty, as well as Bohey Dulang Island and Matabuan Island in Sabah.

How to Get to Sibuan Island Jetty

The only means of access to get to Sibuan Island Jetty is by utilising the speedboat. Services are available departing from Semporna Jetty as well as other jetties within nearby islands including Mataking Island and Pom Pom Island. Train and flight routes heading towards Sibuan Island Jetty is not an alternative as there are no services currently offered.

Boat services from Semporna Jetty to Sibuan Island Jetty takes about 30 minutes. The journey to Sibuan Island from Mabul Island, however, will take a 1-hour boat ride whereas it is about 30 minutes with departures from Mataking Island as well as Pom Pom Island respectively.

Popular Ferry Operators

Offering several tour packages to catch a glimpse of the astounding Semporna Archipelago, D One Permata is one of the operators managing trips to and from Sibuan Island Jetty, alongside Semporna Paradise Travel & Tours.


Other than its wide stretch of gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful coconut palms and an untouched setting, there are not much else within Sibuan Island. No resorts or accommodations and public facilities within the island as most visitors will take up a day-trip package to cover all of the islands within the Semporna Archipelago. Therefore, Sibuan Island only serves as a transit for visitors to take a short break to appreciate its magnificence.

On the other hand, Tun Sakaran Marine Park provides toilets for public use, and it is situated a boat-ride away from Sibuan Island Jetty. There are several huts within Sibuan Island whereby gipsies reside. Unlike most ferry terminals, boats will only dock by the edge of the island as there is no proper concrete composition established in the island. Boat schedules within Sibuan Island Jetty can now be reviewed on the website for a convenient trip.


With its combination of shallow plateaus and steep slopes, this little treasured Sibuan Island is a regular stop for experienced divers’ program or event. The island is locally known as the ‘Battleship Island’ for its exquisite shape with an abundance of beautiful coral formations to discover and plenty of a variety of fish hiding in between. One of Sabah’s pride, Sibuan Island is popular among swimmers as well as snorkelers and it is one the most photographed islands after Sipadan Island.

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Sibuan Island Jetty Contact Details:

Sibuan Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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