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Gateway to hundreds of islands off its coast, Semporna is a popular starting point for island hopping within Sabah. Several exquisite islands that are frequently visited include Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan and Timba Timba Island although Timba Timba Island is less known to many due to its minuscule scale.

Although no accommodations and resorts are provided, Timba Timba Island or Pulau Timba offers a long stretch of white sandy beach complimented by a stunning view of crystalline sea water. It is situated nearby Mataking Island and Pom Pom Island. Timba Timba Island also offers a jetty point to get to the island known as Timba Timba Island Jetty and it is within reach now as tickets for ferry services can be conveniently booked through Easybook!

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How to Get to Timba Timba Island Jetty

To get to the ferry terminal in Timba Timba Island, access can only be attained via boat and ferry services. Means of travelling between Semporna and Timba Timba Island is as similar as visiting other islands within the area. Several speedboats offer direct ferry services from Semporna Jetty to the island.

Ferry rides from the jetty in Semporna to Timba Timba Island take around 45 minutes upon arrival. Speedboat operators usually offer a day-trip package to the island as well as neighbouring islands such as Mataking Island. Schedules for ferry services can now be reviewed on the website for convenient travel.

Popular Ferry Operator

The only speedboat operator available on Easybook to get to Timba Timaba Island is Semportana Paradise Travel & Tours.


Barely 1 KM long from end to end, the gorgeous island of Timba Timba has an incredibly tranquil sand spit at its northern end. Due to its tiny scale, not much is offered within the jetty point in Timba Timba Island. The jetty caters for a short boat stop connecting passengers from and to other islands around the Semporna Archipelago and speedboats will only dock at the edge of the island through a long concrete-structured pier.


The Semporna Archipelago is a stunning travel destination in Malaysia offering cruises through the islands passing by stilted water villages and pathways to hop from one postcard-perfect beach to the next. Timba Timba Island is known for its rare marine life including large cuttlefish, sea snakes as well as nurse sharks concealed under several coral beings.

Timba Timba Island Jetty Contact Details:

Timba Timba Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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