Train Service in Bagan

A lot of tourist travel to Myanmar not only to discover the country but also to find one’s self, so exploring the country by train is bound to be a great experience. The country has a rather broad railway network that connects people from city to city. Bagan is located on the banks of the Irrawaddy River, home to the world’s largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins. Each building has immense importance in Buddhism that symbolizes a spiritual meaning, so visitors must dress modestly upon entering Bagan’s sacred temples.

Train travel in Myanmar can be quite the adventure that features simple wooden seats to first and upper class accompanied by cushioned seats to sleeper furnished with sleeping compartments. Getting the train ticket for the standard the class is inexpensive for train to Bagan. The Yangon to Bagan train does have a sleeper cabin furnished with a linen bed, a sitting area plus a private bathroom which will cost more but it is value for money.

First-time passengers must not fully entirely on the train timetable as it can be unpredictable especially if the tracks are further away from the major cities, so be prepared for such delays with an open mind.

How to Get to Bagan Railway Station

Bagan remains untouched from any major development but there are few public transportations to get around the city or the Bagan Railway Station. Budget wise does play a part, it depends on how much time and money that is willing to put in for the journey. Taking a train to Bagan is a good idea as it gives tourists a scenic countryside view along the route.

Bagan Railway Station is only 10 minutes away from Bagan Bus Terminal by foot. Passengers can board the bus from Bagan Mini Bus Station that only takes about 11 minutes. Car services and taxis in the city can be a little expensive if not negotiated with the driver. Low-cost car service like ride-hailing is obtainable too.

Travel to Bagan with Myanmar Railways

The only operator conducting services at Bagan Railway Station is Myanmar Railways, a state-owned agency that operates the railway network in Myanmar from north to south with branches to east and west. Myanmar Railways promises convenient train travel as well as ensuring satisfaction for all passengers. The company is keen to keep accidents at a minimum for the safety of the passengers.

Train Routes to Bagan

Yangon – Bagan Line

Train schedule departing from Yangon – Bagan

Train number 61
Days of running Daily
Classes S, U, 2, O
Yangon Depart 16:00 day 1
Pyay Arrive/Depart 22:01 day 1
Bagan Arrive 09:31 day 2

[S: upper-class sleeping-car (not in rainy season), U: upper-class seats (not in rainy season), 2: 2nd class seats, O: ordinary-class seats]

Bagan – Yangon Line

Train schedule departing from Bagan – Yangon

Train number 62
Days of running Daily
Classes S, U, 2, O
Bagan Depart 17:00 day 1
Pyay Arrive/Depart 04:25 day 1
Yangon Arrive 10:30 day 2

[S: upper-class sleeping-car (not in rainy season), U: upper-class seats (not in rainy season), 2: 2nd class seats, O: ordinary-class seats]

Overnight trains depart from Yangon to Bagan at 4:00 PM every afternoon and the train to Bagan is expected to arrive before 10:00 AM the following day. Likewise, there is also a train from Bagan to Yangon. Some trips take only 17 hours so do plan wisely in case of an early arrival from the regular train timetable. Passengers who have more money to splurge can go for the upper-class sleeper cabin for extra comfort, which is highly recommended. Train price for the upper class varies and some are quite affordable. Food and drinks are served throughout the journey, to which passengers must pay extra as it is not built in the train ticket price.

The train ticket prices for train to Bagan ranges from USD20 to USD25.

Popular train routes to Bagan Railway Station

Things to do in Bagan

Known as the Land of Pagodas in all of Myanmar, there are around 2000 pagodas, temples and monasteries that still exist from the 11th and 13th century. Tourists flock to Bagan Archeological Zone to see the wondrous pagodas and view the sunrise in Bagan as it is said to be a mesmerising sight. Travellers can also go on a hot air balloon ride but look out for the weather situation and book ahead of the trip to avoid disappointment.

Traveller Info

Online bookings through Easybook must be made at least five days ahead of the departure date. Otherwise, tickets must be bought at the train station from which you will be departing. Passengers can book tickets at the railway station one day in advance for normal class seats and three days in advance for upper class seats; sleepers can be booked a week or two in advance. Passport is needed to purchase any kind of train ticket.

Seats are usually numbered in all classes, passengers with reservations should be able to secure a seat. Trains and other public transport in general, tend to be heavily booked during then Thingyan festival in April. Booking early is much recommended.

Please take note that travellers need to pay the train ticket in Kyat instead of USD, so make it simple by booking online through Easybook.


Taking the train to Bagan is one of the most exciting adventures that Myanmar has to offer. The age-old city where there are stupas, as well as pagodas galore with unique architecture, makes it extraordinary. Visit Bagan to experience the ambience of the place and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle while trying to live like a local!

For more details on the train timetable or train ticket, head over to the Easybook website where we provide the necessary information to start making plans on future train travels to Bagan, Myanmar!

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