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About Buri Ram Railway Station

Buri Ram or translated as the ‘city of happiness’ is a city in Thailand located 410 km away from Bangkok. Here in this city, one of Thailand railways stations called Buri Ram train station was established to transport passengers to various destinations. It serves as an intercity transit with trains running between Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani on the North-eastern Line. 

Buri Ram Railway Station was first opened in 1925 and then began to gradually serve millions of locals and travellers an easy land transportation option. There are three types of train services operated which include express trains, rapid trains as well as local trains. Each train travels on different route according to its train number. Travellers are advised to correctly refer to the train timetable before embarking on a train trip via North-eastern Line.  

How to Get to Buri Ram Railway Station 

The simplest way to get to Buri Ram Railway Station is by boarding a train along the route between Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani. Depending on the departing station, the travel journey differs as the longer the distance, the longer the time taken to reach Buri Ram Railway Station. If travelling from Bangkok, the travel duration takes around 6 hours to arrive at Buri Ram train station 

From any nearby area of Buri Ram city, travellers can grab a local taxi like songthaew or tuk-tuk to get to Buri Ram Railway Station easily. This method is rather hassle-free, and most importantly, the fares are affordably priced within every traveller’s travel budget range. 

Popular Train Operator in Buri Ram Station 

Rail services in Thailand are only catered by one train operator which is State Railway of Thailand. This train service provider has been serving millions of passengers ever since it was established. It operates four different railway lines namely North-eastern Line, Eastern Line, Northern Line and Southern Line. 

Popular Train Routes 

Facilities in Buri Ram Railway Station 

Essential railway amenities are provided in Buri Ram Railway Station. Travellers and guests who pass and stop by at this rail station can make use of the facilities at their convenience. There are some food stalls available just outside of the station, so travellers can grab local food and snacks to enjoy before boarding the train. An information display is also shown to allow passengers to see the train schedule and other train details that are needed to refer to. 

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Buri Ram Railway Station

Nai Mueang, Mueang Buri Ram District, Buri Ram 31000, Thailand
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