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About Khun Tan Railway Station

Situated about 30 kilometres south of Chiang Mai, Lamphun Province boasts a few lovely sights and makes an excellent destination for a day trip from Chiang Mai. The capital of Lamphun is an ancient town often regarded as the city of arts and culture.  

Within the Lamphun Province, Khun Tan Railway Station provides easy access to the great district. The train station is the highest rail station in Thailand placed at 578 metres above sea level which was opened in 1918. The Khun Tan National Park also encapsulates Khun Tan Railway Station. 
How to Get to Khun Tan Station 
As the train station lies around 680 kilometres away from Bangkok Station, the quickest way to get to Khun Than Railway Station is by boarding a taxi. It is advisable to ensure that a metered taxi is utilised before beginning a journey. For a more economical way of getting to the train stationtrains running through the train route of Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Bangkok and Nakhon Sawan – Chiang Mai – Nakhon Sawan make a stop at Khun Tan Station. 

Popular Train Operator 

A primary train operator offering convenient train connections within Khun Tan Railway Station is the State Railway of Thailand 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Khun Tan Railway Station in Lamphun Province, Thailand. 

Facilities in Khun Tan Railway Station  

The picturesque train station is squeezed between wooded hills whereby it can be reached through the longest tunnel along the Thai railway network by the steepest climb. Khun Tan Railway Station is primarily utilised for travellers to get to Khun Tan National Park.  

Several facilities are provided for the convenience of those running in and out of the station. The small settlement surrounding the train station has a noodle shop, grocery store as well as a few motorbike taxis. When trains stop by, plenty of food and drinks are provided by several vendors. Train tickets in Khun Tan Railway Station are offered within a reasonable range which can be purchased at the ticket counter provided. A waiting area is also provided equipped with a roof for shelter as well as several benches to wait for train departures.  

Top facilities: 


Khun Tan Railway Station provides several train schedules whereby trains follow efficient arrival as well as departure times.  Low train ticket prices are also provided at the train station. Train tickets can now be purchased through Easybook online booking site with numerous travel destinations covered. Check out train timetables and start booking train ticket to enjoy affordable train fares.

Khun Tan Railway Station

Tha Pla Duk, Mae Tha District, Lamphun 51140, Thailand
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