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About Pattaya Railway Station

As a coastal city in Thailand, Pattaya grabs the attention of many travellers with its vibrant beaches, water sports and exciting tropical experiences to enjoy. Visitors get to do a full range of entertainment and fun-filled activities with family and friends here in PattayaThailand now offers several transportation services connecting to Pattaya, one of them include railway network where travellers can hop on a train to get to Pattaya from various destinations such as Bangkok, Chachoengsao Junction and Chon Buri 

Pattaya train station is one of the railway stations that serve on the Eastern Line for Chachoengsao Junction – Sattahip Port section. The train station is located on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand, just distanced by 3 kilometres from the centre of Pattaya. The train service in Pattaya Railway Station only runs once daily from Bangkok to Pattaya with first train leaves at 6:50 AM and expected to arrive in Pattaya at 10:18 AM.  

Initially, the trains served are all non-air conditioned, but starting March 2018, a new 2nd class Bangkok – Pattaya air-conditioned passenger train was introduced for passengers. However, the services only operate during weekends and holidays. The train schedule for this new service departs from Bangkok Hua Lamphong station at 6:45 AM and will approximately arrive in Pattaya at 9:15 AM. 

How to Get to Pattaya Station 

The easiest way to get to Pattaya Railway Station is by boarding a train from any station along Eastern Line train route heading to Pattaya. Travellers can take a train from Bangkok, Chachoengsao Junction, Chon Buri, Sri Racha Junction, Ban Plu Ta Luang and Map Ta Put. For other train line, passengers can make a train interchange at Bangkok train station. 

Another way to get to Pattaya is by flight as there is an airport (U-Tapao Airport) located just 30 kilometres away from Pattaya. From there, grab a taxi to get to the railway station. If driving from Bangkok, travellers can rent a car for a 2-hour trip to Pattaya. Another option by taking an express bus from either Mochit or Sai Tai Mai Bus Terminal to travel to Pattaya. 

Within the town of Pattaya, travellers can hire a taxi or motorcycle taxi to go to Pattaya Railway Station straightaway. 

Popular Train Operator in Pattaya Railway Station 

State Railway of Thailand entirely operates train services in Pattaya Railway Station. Aside from Eastern Line, this public railway operator also serves the other lines which are Northern Line, Southern Line and North-Eastern Line. As the only train service provider in the country, the company is trusted by many locals and travellers to travel to their preferred destination by train easily. 

Popular Train Routes  

Facilities in Pattaya Railway Station 

Upon arriving at this station, travellers can conveniently get a transfer vehicle to hotels or other destinations as there are local minibuses and motorcycle taxi services waiting at the station to take passengers anywhere in the Pattaya City area.  

Pattaya rail station is also equipped with other amenities such as sheltered waiting area, toilet and small food stalls that sell snacks and drinks. Parking space is provided to give convenience for travellers who plan to board the train for a short business trip from Pattaya. The opening hour of Pattaya Railway Station follows the standard working hours like other railway stations. 

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Serving as one of the railway stations in ThailandPattaya rail station is suggested as a convenience for travellers who prefer a budget transportation option to travel to Pattaya from Bangkok via Eastern Line route operated by State Railway of Thailand. Travellers can quickly get to Pattaya by train from various train stops. Just refer to the train map and timetable to review the routes connecting to Pattaya train station. 

Pattaya Railway Station

Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
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