Take a ride with KTM train to Ipoh

Take a ride with KTM train to Ipoh

Ipoh happens to be the beautiful capital city of Perak in Malaysia. The city is also one of the largest in Malaysia. Every year, thousands of tourists flock in the city to appreciate its beauty and colors of different activities and venues. To head for Ipoh, the tourists prefer the train from kl to Ipoh. The efficient train service from the different areas, like KL or Kota Bahru to Ipoh has been quite popular. In fact, the rich heritage of this train route is something that everyone wishes to experience once in their lives. As both cities are feasts to the eyes and experience, the tourists decide to have their experiences enriched in both the cities. The train grid makes it easy for them to do so.

Mainly 3 Express Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh train services are there for the service of train from KL to Ipoh and this system is run by the KTM Intercity. Other than that, tourists can also experience the ETS or the Electric Train service in this same route as well. You will have 10 ETS service all through the day as well.

Your wonderful journey can last for 3 to 4 hours if you are riding on the older intercity trains. In the case of the high-speed ETS trains, you will reach to Ipoh by two hours twenty minutes to two hours thirty-five minutes. You will find the best systems and services in this journey added with the wonderful visual treat of the sceneries en route Ipoh. It is for sure that the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh is quite a pleasant experience. Lush green cityscapes and rivers can be witnessed when you head from one city to the other. In spite of the fact that the tourists can also select the highway also for travelling in between the two cities, they prefer this train route because of the beauty that lays all around. The stations, the people, the food that they get en route, all becomes parts of their experience and knowledge about the cities, their styles and the culture.

So far the ETS train services are concerned, there are mainly two services that are there for the tourists, the Gold service and the Silver service. For those who prefer to keep the journeys within budget, the Silver service is there. In a case of the Gold services, the expense is more, almost double to the Silver service. Also, the train only halts at the main stations.

For the KTM intercity train journeys, one can also get night births although because of the short span of the journey one hardly thinks of availing it. Both for Intercity and electric train services, online booking is available now along with the normal station booking. So the tourists may have all round options for their journey to Ipoh. They can enjoy it without a worry.

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