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Travel by ferry with Easybook

There are many tourist attractions located in the wonderful country of Myanmar andpeople from all over the world travel herefor holidays on a yearly basis. By taking the ferry in Myanmar, traveller do not have to worry about being stuck in a long queue or traffic jams! Travelling by ferry also allows you to pack as much as you want without restrictions.

Have a hassle-free experience making the online booking the ferry tickets by following these few simple steps through Easybook.

Getting around in Myanmar by ferry

Myanmar may not be famously-known for its islands, but it really is home to lot of beautiful beaches across Asia. Travelling to these beaches is easier than ever now that the ferry tickets can be bought ahead of time on Easybook.

There are many great benefits when it comes to taking the ferry in Myanmar. The glorious sea views when you are on board the ferry is almost the perfect form of relaxation. No long queues when it comes to ferry trips and passengers can pack as much as they want without being charged with extra luggage fee.

Please keep in mind that each ferry trip schedulewill depend on the weather condition on the day itself too.

Book ferry tickets within 5 minutes

Travellers do not have to queue up at counters to book a ferry ticket these days as they are available conveniently online. Booking a Myanmar ferry ticket with Easybook is quick and easy. Select the desired trip to check out the schedule that will show the exact locations, name of the operator and price for each ferry ticket.

Before making the payment for the online booking for the ferry ticket, users are required to fill in the ticket collector’s details first. Make sure all details for the ferry ticket booking are correct. Check out this booking guide on how to get your Myanmar ferry tickets through Easybook.

*仅高价于柜台价格0.01% **仅适用于没有使用折扣码的交易 ***部分行程折扣已包含于票价中(低于柜台价) *图片仅供参考 * 行程时间仅为估计时间。