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About Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

Singapore’s Ghim Moh is known island-wide as a treasure trove of good food. With only 21 blocks in the estate, Ghim Moh is a small neighbourhood provided with Ulu Pandan Community Centre, a wet market as well as an exceedingly lively food centre. The abundance of famous hawker stalls within Ghim Moh makes the region an interesting spot for many tourists worldwide.

One of the many roadside bus terminals in Singapore, Ghim Moh Bus Terminal serves the minuscule housing estate of Ghim Moh. Located along Ghim Moh Road in front of Block 9, this compact Ghim Moh Bus Terminal is one of the few last surviving roadside bus stops left in the country operating since the early seventies' era. Locals may address the bus stop as Ghim Moh Market Bus Stop.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Ghim Moh Bus Terminal in Singapore

How to Get to Ghim Moh Bus Terminal

Due to its nature as a roadside terminal, getting to the bus stop will be of no hassle via various modes of common public transportations as it can be easily spotted from a few miles away. A variety of public transportations such as local and shuttle buses as well as taxis offer services to get to Ghim Moh Bus Terminal. For rail services, the nearest MRT station with Ghim Moh Bus Terminal is Buona Vista Train Station.

Ticket prices and bus schedules can now be reviewed on the website for a convenient travel. Bus services via Ghim Moh Bus Terminal serves several popular routes heading to a variety of thrilling destinations all around the isle of Singapore as well as catering for buses from other bus stops. It will take approximately 39 minutes to get to Ghim Moh Bus Terminal from Lamborghini Singapore via bus services.

Popular Bus Services


The terminal in Ghim Moh allows boarding and alighting at a bus stop along the road and serves the residents of Buona Vista and Ghim Moh as well as those in the Mount Sinai housing estate. Buses park either along the road in front of Block 9 or by the entrance to the car park next to Block 9. Clear signages around the bus stop are provided.

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal is structured with a sheltered open-air waiting space. Seating facilities are also provided within its alighting as well as boarding bay. Bus numbers and bus routes can be viewed through its directory board placed nearby the bus stop.

Top Features:


Home to the world’s best airport, some of Asia’s most stunning architecture and a delicious food scene that borrows from its neighbours’ top culinary traditions, Singapore offers a complete travel experience disproportionate to its size. Singapore's Ghim Moh specializes at providing a spot for a range of fascinating hawkers with scrumptious local as well as international delicacies.

Getting around Ghim Moh Bus Terminal will also be of no hassle with warm and helpful locals surrounding the bus terminal upon arrival. Board bus services operating from Ghim Moh Bus Terminal and see the abundance of food selection within Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre.

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Ghim Moh Bus Terminal, Singapore 270009
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