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About Kamunting Raya Bus Station

Kamunting is a secluded, serene region located in Perak. Despite offering an abundance of historical treasures, Perak continues to be a charming state bustling with vibrant people, always welcoming an exchange of warm gestures with its booming tourism industry. The number of visitors is rapidly growing as attractions to the rustic charm of old colonial buildings have been preserved and repurposed to fit modern lifestyle.

Locally known as Terminal Bas Ekspress Kamunting Raya, Kamunting Raya Bus Station is situated in the district of Larut within Perak. Many bus services are provided for ease of travelling with express buses departing from the bus terminal in Kamunting. Cheap bus ticket prices are also available heading to many destinations as well as major cities all around Peninsula Malaysia through Easybook.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Kamunting Raya Bus Station in Perak

How to Get to Kamunting Raya Bus Station

Kamunting Raya Bus Station is located about a 12-minute drive from the town of Taiping. To get to the bus terminal in Kamunting, access can be attained via express buses as well as local buses crossing its town. Taxis operating to and from the bus terminal can also be reached as the terminal is constantly surrounded with many taxi services. Train services are also available to get to Kamunting Raya Bus Station whereby the nearest stop is Kamunting Train Station within a walking distance of about 10 minutes

Among the popular routes served via Kamunting Raya Bus Station include buses from Kamunting to Kuala Lumpur. As Ipoh is the capital city of Perak, buses from the bus terminal in Kamunting also make way for routes to get to the exquisite capital. Bus operators such as Starmart Express and Konsortium Bas Ekspres provides frequent bus services. Schedules upon bus departures getting to and from the Kamunting Raya Bus Station is now available for review on the website to provide a convenient travel.

Popular Bus Operators in Kamunting Raya Bus Station

A variety of bus companies operating in Kamunting Raya Bus Station can be chosen from including Konsortium Bas Ekspres and Perdana Express.

Facilities in Gerik Bus Terminal

The Gerik Bus Terminal has been around for quite some time now. Its bright colours of red and orange makes the building stand out in the midst of the town which makes navigating there very easy.

The bus terminal in Kamunting is home to express buses to and from Taiping. Within the bus terminal in Kamunting, several facilities have been provided for the convenience of public use. Schedules and bus ticket prices can be confirmed through a few ticket counters available inside the bus terminal.

The structure of Kamunting Raya Bus Station is a double-storey sheltered building and it is linked to a taxi terminal on one side of the station. Easy access to many food stalls can be attained as the bus terminal is surrounded with several local delicacies. A KFC is situated about 150 meters away from the bus station along Jalan Taiping.

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The city of Taiping today may seem ordinary, but a stroll exploring its well-preserved colonial buildings is absolutely rewarding, especially stopping by to nibble street food along the way. Foreign visitors are few, but Taiping’s leisure-focused hotels and kid-friendly attractions have made it a favourite getaway for many Malaysians providing a warm and vibrant ambience.

Taiping is easily accessible via numerous bus services operating via Kamunting Raya Bus Station. A convenient online bus ticket booking site is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform for the convenience of many exciting trips heading toward Perak. Follow this simple guideline to book a bus ticket now via Easybook.

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Kamunting Raya, 34600 Kamunting, Perak
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