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About Stesen Bas Ekspres Kangar

Kangar Bus Terminal

Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia, it is located in the northernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia by the Perlis River. The capital state of Perlis is Kangar where it is known as a quiet modern town that serves numerous stopover to other places of interest within Perlis. It is surrounded by fields and farms which is why it is also home to a variety of natural attractions. Kangar is easily accessible by bus or car, but it is the former that has proven to be most convenient for locals and tourists to get around Malaysia. Travellers can travel to or fro many places through Terminal Bus Kangar when you book your bus tickets easily with Easybook without having to queue up under the hot sun. Start planning your trips to Kangar today to build new memories with your family or friends!

Popular Bus Routes & Bus operators available from Terminal Bus Kangar

Here are just some of the most popular routes provided at Kangar’s main bus terminal and the bus operator services available for you to book according to the trips:

Bus from Kangar to Kuala Lumpur: Ekspress Mutiara, Era Mesra (Klang), Hidayah Sutera Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Jengka Liner (Shah Alam)Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia)Nurzie Cahaya EnterprisePlusliner, Shira Transliner (Klang & Shah Alam), Sri Maju GroupTransnasional

Bus from Kangar to MalaccaCepat & Cekap ExpressSri Maju GroupTransnasional

Bus from Kangar to Pahang: Ekspress Mutiara, Hidayah Sutera Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd, Jengka Liner (Shah Alam)Nurzie Cahaya EnterprisePluslinerShamisha Holiday & Travels, Shira Transliner (Klang & Shah Alam), Sri Maju GroupTransnasional

Bus from Kangar to PenangCepat & Cekap Express, Express Kesatuan, Plusliner

Bus from Kangar to Johor: Azura Eusope Agensi, Cepat & Cekap ExpressCity ExpressKKKL Sdn BhdKonsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia)KPB EkspressS&S International (M) Express, Selat Keris Sdn Bhd, Sri Maju Group

Bus from Kangar to IpohCepat & Cekap Express, Express Kesatuan, Jengka Liner

Log on to Easybook.com to find out which operators provide services to your preferred destination including the schedules and bus ticket prices. We have prepared a How to Book Bus Ticket guide in order for you to understand the simple process of using Easybook.

Where is the Terminal Bus Kangar?

Terminal Bus Kangar is situated at Jalan Bukit Lagi or also familiarly known as Bukit Lagi Bus Station. It is easily accessible through the use of various modes of transportation like the city bus and taxi. This bus station is equipped with a prayer room (surau), food booths and pharmacy for your convenience. Its close proximity to the town center makes it easy for travellers to book affordable accommodations during their trips without hassle.

From the Kangar bus stop, you will be able to get connecting local buses to other towns located further north of Kedah and Perlis or by intercity buses to most cities in Peninsular Malaysia. Kangar buses are the most cost-efficient mode of transportation as well as the smartest way to commute in and around the city.

Kangar is also the end of all domestic bus lines in Malaysia before crossing over to Thailand. This means you may want to book a bus that goes direct to the neighbouring country in Hat Yai or choose to change a bus upon reaching Padang Besar, which is the border between the two countries.

Online booking of tickets saves your time and money as it offers a seamless booking process without having to go to the bus terminal to purchase the bus ticket. You can use Easybook website to book them by following a few simple steps here without having to leave the comfort of your own house.

Places to visit in Kangar

Gua Kelam – This cave that is also known as Kelam Cave located 36 KM from Kangar near to a small town called Kaki Bukit, it is a popular limestone cave that lights up with colourful lights. Tourists can experience the natural limestone while walking along the bridge.

Masjid Alwi – This majestic mosque is one of the state’s major landmarks situated at the town centre features Islamic and Malay architectures. Masjid Alwi was registered as a national heritage in 1988.

Padang Besar – Located along the Malaysia and Thailand border, Padang Besar is a shopper’s paradise where the shophouses provide a wide variety of produce such as handicrafts, clothing and even Thai food. It is also a major stopover along the rail route between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Perlis State Park – This attraction spot for tourist is surrounded with beautiful forested slopes and extensive cave system. The rich flora and fauna is now being protected and preserve for its biological diversity. If you’re a nature lover, the Perlis State Park is the perfect place to visit when you are in Perlis.

Chuping Sugar Cane Plantation – This is the largest sugar cane farm for manufacturing sugar located 23 KM to the north of Kangar. The greenaries at Chuping Sugar Cane Plantation is truly a sight to behold when you visit Kangar.

Things to eat in Kangar

Harumanis Mango – This fruit has a strong smell and is very sweet in taste. The Harumanis Mango is grown only in Perlis, so it is the perfect thing to buy for your family and friends at home too.

Nasi Ganja – Nasi Ganja of Perlis is a plate of coloured rice in yellow mixed with herbs. It is served with mixed curry gravies, meat and vegetable dishes. It will leave you wanting more.

Pulut ayam – This is a serving of soft sticky glutinous rice with freshly fried onions and a piece of fried chicken. The pulut ayam makes a great tea time snack when you are in Kangar.

Start planning your Kangar trip today with your friends and family in order to build new memories with them. Book your bus tickets online to Terminal Bas Kangar hassle-free with Easybook now. Not sure how to navigate our website? Follow this simple step-by-step guide on How to Book Bus Tickets and you will be ready for your journey to the Kangar bus terminal within minutes. Why travel far when you can explore all the wonderful places in Malaysia?

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