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About Bus Station Geliga Besar

Terminal Bas Express Geliga Besar

Terengganu is considered a sultanate state in Malaysia that is often seen by many as a place for an island escape. Outside the beautiful Redang Island, Kapas Island and Lang Tengah Island lies a state that is filled with great history, culture and food! The district of Kemaman acts as the southern gateway of Terengganu and is the third largest district at approximately 1000 square miles of total area. It is also home to Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar, which is also known as the Kemaman Express Bus Terminal for your travelling needs.

With various buses travelling in and out of this station for your convenient, Easybook wants to make it easy for you as well when you book your bus tickets through our platform according to the schedule of your choice. Gone are the days when you have to go to the ticketing counter just to purchase a ticket that travels to and fro Bus Station Geliga. Follow this simple guide on How to Book Bus Ticket and you will be on your way to making new memories.

Popular Bus Routes and Operators Schedules

Mainly operating within the Terengganu district, the coaches travel to various states within Malaysia. Below are some of the bus stations that operates to and fro this Kemaman terminal. Check the full schedule on Easybook’s website or mobile app that you can download for free and be made available at the palm of your hand.

Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar – JB Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal: Ekspress Mutiara, Transnasional

Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar – Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS): Ekspress Mutiara, Nini Express (Kuala Terengganu), Transnasional

Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar – Melaka Sentral: Ekspress Mutiara

Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar – Terminal Kuantan Sentral: Ekspress Mutiara, Nini Express (Kuala Terengganu), Trans Malaya Express

Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar – Shah Alam Bus Terminal: Ekspress Mutiara, Transnasional

Things to know about Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar

Located by the AH-18 Expressway, Geliga Besar serves as doorway into the North-South cross-sectional direction, which makes it a perfect commuting destination for both tourists and locals as well. Besides the wide array of bus services available at Bus Station Geliga, you will also be able to find dining spot Medan Selera Geliga Station for you to fill your tummies before and after your bus ride. Not enough cash on you? Don’t worry as the station has ATM machines for you to withdraw money safely for your next trip or upon alighting. The terminal is easily accessible with the Kemaman bus stop located just in the Chukai area for all your travelling convenience.

Places to visit near Kemaman

When it comes to Terengganu, it is almost like a default mode to think of the major beaches as it is a paradise for island hopping. There is not a lot to do in Kemanan as it is mainly a port as well as a huge petrochemical industrial area, but you can still find a nice beach by this small town on Jalan Pantai Penunjuk called Kijal Beach located approximately 13 KM from the Kemaman or Chukai town. Your entire family would love spending time here as the kids would have a lot of fun building sandcastles while the adults can just bask in the sun while they enjoy some quiet time.

The Bakau Tinggi recreational forest is located along Chukai river which comes with wooden walkways in order for visitors to stay dry during the walk. Another great place for the whole family as you will find spots to have your picnic outings, as well as slides and seesaws located at the playground for the kids’ enjoyment. Besides that, this swampy mangrove also provides public toilets, gazebos and even a floating restaurant. Bakau Tinggi is a perfect getaway destination if you are looking to catch fishes from the river or just to eat some fresh food.

Yah Yah Firefly Sanctuary is approximately 13 KM from town and near the Mini Zoo Kemaman. This place in Terengganu is the biggest firefly sanctuary in Malaysia, which attracts visitors from all over Malaysia, as well as travellers from Singapore and Japan. Colourful fireflies would glow like neon light along Yah Yah River when it the dusk falls. The thousands of fireflies would fill up the entire pokok berembang (Sonneratia caseolaris) and putat tree (Barringtonia racemosa) making it a great photo opportunity.

About 10 KM away from the Kemaman town is turtle sanctuary Monica Bay or also known as Pantai Teluk Mak Nik located by the Geliga fishing village. Relax as you wait for the turtles to lay their eggs here and at the end of the visit, each person gets to release one baby turtle, which would probably be one of the most exciting things you have done in your life. The turtles come to lay eggs between February until September, so plan your visits wisely to catch this once-in-a-lifetime moment. You will find food court, toilets, homestay and prayer room conveniently nearby as well. Isn’t it amazing what the buses that go to Bus Station Geliga will allow you to experience?

Travel 13 minutes south and you will find yourself at resort town Cherating that is filled with lots of activities. Visit the calming Chendor Beach, which is where you will find the Chendor Turtle Sanctuary. Learn about the traditional textiles and handicrafts when you join the workshops at Cherating Village. Witness unusual rock formation at Charah Caves which has 8 caves inside, otherwise head over to Panching Cave with a massive reclining Buddha statue.

Let’s talk about food. You must visit Tong Juan Restaurant for the famous stuffed crab dishes, which are absolutely delicious. When you are in Terengganu, you cannot miss out on trying satar which is a processed fish meat snack served in a triangular shape and the grilled fish cake wrapped inside a banana leaf called otak-otak. The keropok lekor is a staple traditional Malay fish cracker snack from Terengganu, which is the perfect snack for all occasion. It could all be yours when you book a ticket online to Bus Station Geliga.

Doesn’t all that sound tempting enough for you to start making plans to Kemaman now? You only need to do is pack your bag, book your ticket at Easybook and start exploring this charming town in Terengganu. Check out all the available buses and its schedule on our website to purchase tickets to and fro Terminal Bus Express Geliga Besar without hassle! We hope to serve you real soon.

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