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Ferry Terminals

About Tarakan Port

The Tarakan Ferry Terminal, which is also known as Pelabuhan Malundung Tarakan in the area, is an important seaport for Tarakan Island in North Kalimantan, Indonesia. This station is extremely important for both shipping people and goods, as it connects Tarakan to many places in the Indonesian islands. It makes it easier for people and things to move around, which is very good for the local economy and connection.

This city is on an island and has a long past. It is also an important part of the region's traffic and supply system. The ferry port can hold a variety of boats, from fast boats to bigger ships that go to nearby islands and the mainland of Borneo. These services are important for companies and people who live in rural places; they also help the tourism industry.

There are sitting areas, ticket desks, and other basic services in the airport to make sure travellers are comfortable. A lot of things happen there every day to meet the high demand for sea travel in this part of Indonesia. The Tarakan boat Terminal's ability to connect people is especially important because of the island's position and the fact that many people in the area depend on boat services for movement and business.

As infrastructure keeps getting better, the Pelabuhan Malundung Tarakan is still at the centre of making North Kalimantan's sea connections better. This shows how important ferry ports are in Indonesia's archipelagic setting.

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How to get to Pelabuhan Malundung Tarakan

You can easily get to the boat port from anywhere in Tarakan by taxi or ride-hailing service. These services can take you from door to door and are easy to book over the phone or an app.

If they are available, there may be public buses or minibuses (called "angkot" in the area) that go by or near the boat station. This is generally the cheaper choice, but you might have to walk or make more changes.

You can get to Tarakan by air. If you're going from another part of Indonesia or another country, the best way to get there is to fly into Juwata International Airport (Tarakan Airport). You can take a cab or a ride-hailing service from there to get to the boat port quickly. Flights come into the airport from Indonesia's biggest towns.

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On Tarakan Island in North Kalimantan, Indonesia, you'll find the vital Tarakan Ferry Terminal. It eases the flow of people and products by linking Tarakan to other areas of Indonesia. Passengers may find all the facilities they need at this terminal, which serves a variety of boat types including ferries and speed boats.

Contact Details:

Address: Jl. Yos Sudarso No.9 Tarakan 77126, Tarakan North Kalimantan

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