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Take a ride with KTM train to Singapore

Take a ride with KTM train to Singapore

Using the KTM train to Singapore is proving ever popular with those wishing to visit the city when staying in Malaysia or Hatyai, Thailand. Heaps of trains leave from various cities in Malaysia to Singapore and vice verse. One of which travels overnight. The great thing about traveling by train is that you are able to enjoy the amazing scenery outside the window. Giving you plenty of time to just sit back and relax. The hours of journey varies from different location. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything as you spend your time exploring all that Singapore has to offer.

The best thing about traveling by KTM train to Singapore is that you can buy the tickets for the journey online. Here at Easybook.com we provide you with the opportunity to book and buy tickets for this journey. The price of tickets vary dependent on which train you take. If you want to travel during the day prices cost anything from RM20 to RM66, this is for the train from KL to Singapore. The prices also varies based on the type of coach services, which are Premier Class and Superior Class. Besides that, there's also train services from Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam, Penang to Woodlands Singapore that would cost from MYR33 to MYR122, as the ticket for adult and children varies.

You'll find that booking your tickets online won't only save you time but also a great deal of money. Also you find that there is a lot less hassle involved, no having to stand in queues at the station to get yours. The trains are all well maintained and offer a good level of service to the customer. Plus you can enjoy some delicious local delicacies as the train makes it way from various cities such as Hatyai, Penang, Ipoh and heaps more to Singapore.

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