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About Bekok Railway Station

The town of Bekok within the district of Segamat in Johor was once a luscious forest which became one of the primary sources of chengal wood for the railway construction in 1886. After the first establishment of Bekok Railway Station, a row of shophouses was built within the area as well. The area was developed into a village soon after.

Bekok Railway Station however only offers KTM Intercity train service for travellers and locals to get to nearby towns within the same train route. Travellers can access both KTM Intercity South Line Express including KTM Intercity Rakyat Timuran Line Express train services on Bekok Railway Station towards Paloh and Labis onwards.

How to Get to Bekok Railway Station

Travellers from KL city centre can get to Bekok Railway Station through train service. From KL Sentral, take the KTM ETS train towards Gemas; an interchange station in Negeri Sembilan. From Gemas station, take the KTM Intercity train towards Bekok Railway Station. The train journey from KL Sentral to Bekok takes 4 to 5 hours to arrive, including a one-hour train transfer at Gemas station.

Getting to Bekok Railway Station is accessible via bus as well. However, the bus travel duration will depend on the traffic situation. Travellers can take a bus from the nearby Labis Bus Terminal towards Bekok Railway Station in about 25 minutes to reach there. Meanwhile, from Chaah Bus Terminal takes about 15 minutes to reach Bekok Railway Station.

Popular Train Operator in Bekok Railway Station

Bekok Railway Station is operated by Keretapi Tanah Melayu, also known as KTMB. This train station only serves the KTM Intercity train services of South Line Express and Rakyat Timuran Line Express.

Popular train routes from Bekok Railway Station in Malaysia.

Facilities in Bekok Train Station

Bekok Railway Station provides basic facilities for the travellers as this train station only acts as a drop-off point for the incoming KTM Intercity trains. Nevertheless, a sheltered waiting area with a few benches is provided for travellers waiting for their departure.

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Bekok Railway Station is a train station situated within Bekok town in the district of Segamat in Johor, Malaysia. This station only offers the KTM Intercity train services of South Line Express as well as Rakyat Timuran Line Express.

Travellers can get to Bekok Railway Station via ETS train service from KL Sentral towards Gemas station then take an interchange train via KTM Intercity from Gemas directly towards Bekok Railway Station. Check out the Easybook website to review the train schedules today.

Bekok Railway Station Contact Details:

Bekok Railway Station, Kampung Bekok, 85400 Bekok, Johor, Malaysia
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