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Train Stations

About Chong Khae Railway Station

Chong Khae Railway Station is located at Takhli District in Nakhon Sawan, and it is one of the 132 railway stations that run on the Northern Line of the railway network in Thailand. It is a single-platform train station with five tracks built altogether. Chong Khae rail station is a part of the Northern Line extension from Lop Buri to Pak Nam Pho where the train route served is between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  

The type of train services operated in Chong Khae station is rapid, ordinary as well as local trains. Northern Line covers major cities and some local villages where road access is quite limited. Travelling by train considerably costs lesser than other modes of transportation, so railway service in Thailand is often utilised mostly by the locals as they can get to their preferred destinations conveniently. 

How to Get to Chong Khae Railway Station 

The easiest access can be done by boarding a train from any railway stations that are routed to Chong Khae rail station, which is between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Travellers are required to refer to the train map and timetable to see which train service provides a stop at Chong Khae. Within the area of Chong Khae, hop on a local taxi to get to Chong Khae station directly.  

Popular Train Operator 

State Railway of Thailand only caters train services in Thailand. The company was the pioneer for railway network in the country, and they have been serving the locals as well as travellers for centuries. Besides Northern Line, they also operate the Southern Line, North-eastern Line and Eastern Line. 

Popular Train Routes 

Facilities in Chong Khae Station 

Chong Khae Railway Station only serves as a small train stop that has basic facilities for guests and passengers to use such as ticket counter and sheltered waiting area. A board display that shows train schedule is also available at this station for passengers to use as a quick reference. 


To experience a breath-taking view while travelling, it is highly recommended to roam around in Thailand by train. Although long-distance train ride requires an overnight stay on the train, passengers will be accompanied with stunning sights as most of the railway routes pass by nature with foliage scattered around. No need to worry about the budget as the fare for a train ticket is usually offered within an affordable range. The train is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to travel in Thailand without any hassle. Explore what Thailand has to offer by planning a train trip to your favourite destination today! 

Chong Khae Railway Station

Chong Khae, Takhli District, Nakhon Sawan 60210, Thailand
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