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Train Stations

Hai Phong Railway Station

Being the heart of Vietnam’s numerous commercial as well as trading businesses, the city of Hai Phong is regarded as a major industrial city in the country. Not to mention, Hai Phong is famed as the second largest city in the northern part of Vietnam while it is considered as the third largest city for the entire country, hence generally turning Hai Phong Railway Station as one of the main railway stations in Vietnam to assist in transporting goods and passengers. 

Established in 1902, the railway station serves the city of Hai Phong via its popular train route of “Hanoi – Hai Phong” train services. The train station is also the terminus of the Sino – Vietnamese Railway, which was the first railway line to Kunming. Located around 102 kilometres away from Ha Noi railway station, the trains from Hai Phong to Ha Noi is served daily with eight trains of different timetable leaving from the Hai Phong Railway Station whereby the train journey takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes to arrive. 

How to Get to Hai Phong Railway Station 

Getting to Hai Phong Railway Station is relatively easy as the railway station is located at the heart of the city centre. Travellers can opt for several cheap local transportation services suchlike taking a taxi, private car services, public buses and even motorbike taxis to assist in transporting them to the said train station conveniently. 

For international travellers whose flight has landed safely at Cat Bi International Airport of Hai Phong, they can choose to take the hassle-free airport’s private car service to Hai Phong Railway Station. Travellers can gain access to this service at the arrival hall of the airport. Additionally, the journey from the airport to the railway station takes approximately 20 minutes to arrive, depending on the traffic conditions.

If travellers are nearby the railway station, look for these distinctive landmarks to get to Hai Phong Railway Station easily. For instance, the nearest landmark is the Haiphong Tower which takes at least 2 minutes of walking distance to the said railway station. Next landmark will be the KFC fast food restaurant located 3 minutes of walking distance away from Hai Phong Railway Station. While from Hai Phong Opera House, the journey takes around 10 minutes’ drive to get to the train station. 

Popular Train Operator in Hai Phong Railway Station 

Hai Phong Railway Station is operated by Vietnam National Railway by offering travellers trains with different train schedule to a few destinations within the country without hassle.  

Popular Train Routes and Trips 

Popular train routes from Hai Phong Railway Station in Vietnam. 

Amenities and Features in Hai Phong Railway Station 

Travellers can obtain several functional facilities within Hai Phong Railway Station conveniently while waiting for their trains to arrive. Among the facilities available for public use are toilets, ticketing counters, car park, and a waiting area with multiple seats. 

Top features: 


Hai Phong is one of the most favoured destinations to be explored in the country of Vietnam. Travellers can enjoy the vintage views of the city’s buildings that retain a French colonial look which makes it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts. The city of Hai Phong is also known as the “City of Flame Flowers” for its streets are lined with flame flower trees. Explore this charming city conveniently by taking train services directly to Hai Phong Railway Station 

The Hai Phong Railway Station offers multiple train schedule for travellers to choose from to better suit their itineraries. Catch the perfect trains to this railway station by checking its available train ticket along with its train ticket price through Easybook online booking platform. On a side note, train fare varies according to the type of train services chosen by each traveller. Wait no longer and book your train tickets to Hai Phong city now! 

Hai Phong Railway Station

Hai Phong Rail Station, 75, Lương Khánh Thiện, Lương Khá Thien, Ngô Quyền, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

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