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About Kuala Lipis Railway Station

Kuala Lipis is a town within the state of Pahang situated at the confluence of the Lipis and Jelai rivers. History records stated that the town was a gold-mining capital before the British colonialism. The wealth of the town contributed a tremendous amount making it the state’s capital city back in 1898. Grand colonial buildings were constructed during the period as trade flourished with the introduction of a railway system.

The town of Kuala Lipis has always been drawing people in for its wealth as well as beauty. Built in 1926, Kuala Lipis Railway Station is a KTM train station situated in the town of Kuala Lipis. Access to get to the town is now made easy with trains stopping at Kuala Lipis Railway Station connecting from various destinations.

How to Get to Kuala Lipis Railway Station

With numerous modes of transportation, Kuala Lipis Railway Station is easily accessible by trains, buses as well as taxis. The most economical way to get to the train station is by boarding a train as services via KTM Intercity commutes directly to Kuala Lipis Railway Station.

To get to Kuala Lipis Railway Station with KTM Intercity, take any train running on the East Coast Line to Kuala Lipis which covers the route between Tumpat and JB Sentral. For local bus services, the nearest bus station is 4 minutes away from the train station in Kuala Lipis. A taxi ride is another alternative to get to the train station.

Popular Train Operator in Kuala Lipis Railway Station

Providing consistent as well as efficient train services, train operations within Kuala Lipis Railway Station are furnished daily by KTM Berhad. KTMB offers numerous routes across Peninsular Malaysia ensuring regular train schedules and efficient departures as well as arrivals for a pleasant train journey.

Popular Train Routes

Popular routes from Kuala Lipis Railway Station in Pahang


Several amenities are provided in the station including ticketing counters for ticket purchase and collection upon train departures. A sheltered waiting area with several benches are also provided yielding a small resting area for passengers to rest comfortably while waiting for the trains. Nearby the ticketing counters, an information board displays each trains trip with their respective train schedules. A free parking space is available at the train station offering convenience for those who wish to drive to Kuala Lipis Railway Station.

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A town rich in its exquisite wonders, Kuala Lipis has evolved from the colonial past which is portrayed through its buildings. At the heart of it, Kuala Lipis Railway Station is one of the significant aspects connecting passengers in and out of the town. Although train operations within the train station are primarily provided by KTM, please note that services via KTM ETS are not offered within the train station.

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Kuala Lipis Railway Station Contact Details

Kuala Lipis Railway Station, 27200 Kuala Lipis, Pahang
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