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Easybook is celebrating its 11th birthday this July

Easybook is celebrating its 11th birthday this July

July 20th, 2017

Thank you to all of our Easybook customers and supporters over the past 11 years. Today, Easybook is the largest land and sea transport bookings website in Southeast Asia!

We cover the largest network of bus operators, as well as the largest catalogue of land and sea transport destinations for bookings in Southeast Asia with over 20,000 bus routes, 20,000 cars for rent, 200 ferry routes and more than 500 affiliate partners.

Thanks to you, we were awarded the Singapore Heartlands Enterprise Star Award and Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award in 2015.

Thanks to you, we are able to continue doing what we love by providing the best services for you to make traveling as hassle-free as it can be.

Thank you for believing in Easybook.com. Whatever we do, we do it for you!

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