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Bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands

Bus Operators From Singapore to Genting HighlandsGenting Highlands is known as the city of entertainment and it attracts thousands of people every week from all around Malaysia and Singapore. With an amazing weather and beautiful scenery up in the hills, travel from Singapore to Genting Highlands by bus offers the best weekend getaway for families, couples, and those of us who are interested in the exciting world of casinos, theme parks, thrill rides and other exclusive entertainments that can only be found in Genting.

Buses from Singapore to Genting

If you live in Singapore, you can easily access Genting by bus or plane. Since there are no direct flights from Singapore to Genting, you will need to land in Kuala Lumpur and then take a bus to Genting from there. For an easier access, take an express bus to Genting directly from Singapore is a more preferred option for most Singaporeans. So here is a guide to help you choose the perfect bus that matches your budget and timing.

Go Genting Highlands from Singapore by Coach


1. Choose the date when you would like to go to Genting

This is important since some Genting buses are only available on weekends. Some other bus companies also may charge a higher bus fare during public holidays or the peak season. So if you are planning to go to Genting during the weekend or the holiday season, it is a wise idea to make a booking and buy your ticket in advance to get the best rates.

2. Choose the bus company you would like to use

There are over 7 different bus lines you can choose from for your bus from Singapore to Genting Highlands trip, depending on your budget and timing - such as Konsortium Express, WTS Travel, Five Stars Tours, Transtar Express, StarMart Express, Sri Maju Group and CitiExchange. You can visit their websites and find out more about their locations and times of departure and arrival in Singapore. You can expect the rates to start from S$25 up to S$45.

3. Purchase SG to Genting Bus Ticket Online or at the counter

Some Genting buses allow you to make a booking online in advance, while some others may need you to visit their office or sales centre to purchase your Genting bus ticket. You can call them or visit their websites to easily find out more. To make life easier for you, book online at for bus ticket to Genting from Singapore!

Depart Journey: Singapore to Genting Highlands ( Duration: 5 hours 35 minutes **Estimated, peak season might vary up to double the time taken. )
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