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Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal

Kuching Sentral Bus TerminalKuching bus terminal also known as Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal is located in East Malaysia, south of Kuching city. It is the region's first fully-integrated three-story and air-conditioned bus terminal. It has been in operation since 2012 serving passengers in West Kalimantan and Sarawak. Kuching Sentral strategic position is such that it will take you 5 minutes to head to Kuching International Airport and 20 minutes to Kuching City Center.

Heaps of express bus services operator serves the bus routes to and fro Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal such as: Bus Asia, Asia Star and Bintang Jaya.

Bus routes to and fro Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal

For regional buses, long distance express buses and cross border express buses, Kuching Sentral is the Sarawak transportation hub as it serves arrival and departure of all these buses. The regional buses follow the following routes Kuching to Sri Aman and Kuching nearing cities such as Kuching to Lundu-the Tanjung Datu National Park and Gunung Gading National Park gateway.

For long distances, they follow routes such as bus from Kuching to Sibu, bus from Kuching to Bintulu, bus from Kuching to Pontianak- a City in West Kalimantan and bus from Kuching to Miri. The cross border routes in Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal are not many but there is a route from Kuching to Pontianak. Pontianak to Kuching and Kuching to Pontianak routes are the busiest routes. This is attributed to the high interest of tourists in the Kalimantan and Sarawak border and the locals' daily groceries businesses. Due to high people trafficking, this terminal is loaded with food court, retail stores, restaurants, fast food chain and a hypermarket.

Online booking of tickets saves on money time and is hassle free. You don't need to visit ticket office to book or buy a ticket book it at your comfort. Buses using this route are fitted with TV entertainment, VIP services and seats of comfort.

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