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Ferry Ticket from Ancol Marina Port to Kelapa Island

Ferry Ticket From Ancol Marina Port to Kelapa Island

Kelapa Island might be not as popular as Tidung Island; however, for you who want to try a different experience in your holiday, Kepala Island should not something to miss. Kelapa Island is one of those islands in Kepulauan Seribu that are populated. This island is occupied by over 5,000 locals. Locating on 18 hectare area, Kelapa Island becomes the center of administration from the Region Kepulauan Seribu.Utara. Compared to other islands in Kepulauan Seribu, Kelapa Island offers more complete infrastructure and public facilities. In the island, tourists can easily find police office, schools, public parks, and harbor.

Neighboring Kelapa Island are Kotok Kecil, Kaliage, and also Harapan Islands. Although Kelapa Island is one of the largest islands in Kepulauan Seribu, fact shows that the visitors of the island are not as many as Tidung or Bidadari Island. Even so, you can still expect a perfect vacation in this island with its various activities offered. Tourists can explore the island conveniently sitting on a becak (three-wheeled, human-powered vehicle) or be active doing sport activities like swimming or snorkeling. For a different experience, try to visit the local turtle or eagle breeding area. For family, this vacation could turn out to be more educative. Kelapa Island is definitely children-friendly.

How to Get to Kelapa Island?

To get to Kelapa Island, you can take a ferry or speed boat from Marina Ancol Jakarta to Kelapa Island. For the ticket, you can book Sea Leader Marine conveniently online at easybook.com. Booking your ticket online is much more convenient and practical with a trusted ticket provider like Easybook.com. Just visit the site, make a few clicks, and the ticket is yours in no time! It is so convenient that you left no time wasted. This booking method really suits today’s people’s lifestyle, don’t you think?

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