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About Bertam Baru Railway Station

Offering a thrilling adventure experience for nature lovers, Gua Musang is encapsulated by lush rolling limestone ranges located in the south-western part of Kelantan. Forming a small part of the oldest rainforests in the world as well as being rich in biodiversity, it is home to an abundance of endangered flora and fauna. Close to Gua Musang is a small town known as Bertam Baru.

Within Bertam Baru, a KTM train station named Bertam Baru Railway Station has been established to assist the locals moving in and out of the town. Train operations within the railway station cover the route between Gua Musang and Tumpat.

How to get to Bertam Baru Train Station

To get to Bertam Baru Railway Station, the most economical mode of transportation is via KTM Intercity trains operating along the route of Gua Musang – Tumpat – Gua Musang. Please note that intercity trains departing from JB Sentral do not make a stop within Bertam Baru Railway Station as intercity services towards the railway station only begin in Gua Musang (train interchange is obligated to get to Bertam Baru). Travel duration varies depending on the departure station.

Often, locals move around in the town of Bertam Baru via cars and motorcycles. Other alternatives to Bertam Baru Railway Station include grabbing a taxi or booking a car-sharing service to get to the train station.

Popular Train Operator

KTM Berhad mainly operates train services within Bertam Baru Railway Station. The trains run along KTM’s East Coast Intercity Line going through Gua Musang and Tumpat in Kelantan. Train schedules can now be viewed on the website for a pleasant journey.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Bertam Baru Railway Station in Kelantan

Facilities in Bertam Baru Railway Station

As Bertam Baru is a minuscule town, not much is offered within Bertam Baru Railway Station other than train services. Its train operations, however, run on a regular schedule with efficient arrivals as well as departures.

Several facilities can be accessed within the train station. Offering a sheltered waiting area, its foyer is equipped with benches for passengers to relax while waiting for train departures.

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Bertam Baru is a small and serene town situated in the state of Kelantan. It is far from the hustle and bustle of a city life offering a village ambience complemented with a unique natural aura. The locals here live a non-contemporary life portraying amazing traditional custom.

Covering various spots as well as towns in Kelantan, Bertam Baru Railway Station serves train services along KTM Intercity East Coast Line. With many train schedules, access to get to the peaceful city of Bertam Baru is now even easier with cheap train tickets. An online ticket booking site is now provided on Easybook through an easy-to-navigate platform. Easybook offers a platform to book train tickets conveniently so that everyone can get to their desired destination without much of a hassle.

Bertam Baru Train Station Contact Details

Kampung Bertam Baru, 18300, Kelantan
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