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Best Guide from Johor to Perlis

Best Guide from Johor to Perlis

Malaysia is a wonderful country with lot of exciting things to do. You would want to explore the length and breadth of this beautiful country and the best way to do this is go from point to point by road. You can do this by traveling from Johor to Perlis by bus.

Johor is located in the southern part of Malaysia and Perlis is in the north. It takes about a shade under 8 hours to travel by bus from Johor to Perlis. Sometimes due to traffic, the journey may even take up to 10 hours.

So how does one undertake this journey. We need to book a ticket and the easiest way to do this is book a ticket online with Easibook.com. Many bus service providers offer their online bus ticketing services through Easibook where some well-known names being S&S International (M) Express , Cepat & Cekap Express , Konsortium , Qistna Express , City Express and heaps more. You can choose your timings, fare and even your choice of seat! The fare ranges from RM40 to RM90 plus.

There are many advantages of travelling by bus from Johor to Kuala Perlis. The main advantage being its cheap and buses are plentiful. Also, it’s a good way to soak in the local atmosphere and the sights. All along the way, you pass through quaint towns and close to the coast, soaking in sights of Malaysia. There would be rest stops given along the way. After having taken in the sights at Johor, the route you would be taking would consist of passing important places like Seremban, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, near to George Town and finally Alor Star and Jitra. There are many boarding points and waypoints to be dropped off. Details of that could be sought while doing the bookings.

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