Myanmar Railways

About Myanmar Railways Train Services

Yielding an overview scattered with gilded pagodas and where Asia's traditional heritage endure, Myanmar is a fascinating travel destination surrounded with magnificent views all around the country. With friendly and welcoming locals, Myanmar has been kept away from modern westernisation persevering its golden wonders as well as simple pleasures. Train rides in Myanmar over the old British-built colonial railway is a highly recommended experience, and Myanmar’s primary train services are provided by the elegant Myanmar Railways. Online bookings for Myanmar Railways train tickets can now be made conveniently through Easybook by just following a simple guideline.

With an abundance of attractions to see and things to do in Myanmar, Myanmar Railways offers effortless navigation through the country with train tickets available within a range of affordable and reasonable prices. Providing many routes heading towards favourite spots within Myanmar, the train rides are an excellent way to get around and experience the country closely on ground level, avoiding unnecessary bustling traffic and crowded buses. Train travels offered by Myanmar Railways are as much an adventure as the country itself. Choose from a variety of train timetables upon searching for a preferred trip and book tickets on board Myanmar Railways to get to a train station in Myanmar safely.

Myanmar Railways Train Routes

Trains offered by Myanmar Railways run every day furnishing a clean ambience on board each train and well-equipped with air-conditioning systems. The primary route that is utilised by many is express train rides departing from Rangoon (Yangon) heading towards Mandalay. The distance range between these two locations is 622 kilometres. Passengers can also opt for other stops along the Rangoon – Mandalay route including train services from Rangoon to Thazi, Naypyitaw and Bago.

All train services by Myanmar Railways provide return routes within its respective line. Book Myanmar train tickets online and save the hassle of queuing up at train stations as the queue may take up some time especially during peak seasons.

Recently, Myanmar has geared up for one of its projects of increasing trains efficiency along its railways. New diesel-electric trains have been bought from China whereby the trains provide an air cushion suspension system to reduce bumpy rides allowing for a more relaxed train ride. Each train pulls nine ordinary carriages and three upper-class carriages whereby upper-class carriages are installed with CCTV cameras as a safety precaution.

Ordinary carriages provide simple wooden seats whereas upper-class carriages offer larger and comfortable seats. Along the rail, Myanmar Railways also provides sleeper cars whereby its standard sleeper is equipped with four-berth as well as two-berth lockable compartments. Several trains may also have a restaurant car.

Upholding its rail efficiency project, all trains serviced by Myanmar Railways depart promptly in general. Within several train stations such as Yangon Station, digital departure boards are provided for any changes in train timetables. Save up plenty of time by placing an online booking for Myanmar train tickets on board Myanmar Railways through Easybook’s website here without having to queue up at the counter.

Book Myanmar Railways ticket safely online by stating when and where to head to, then leave the rest for the system to summarise. Train rides on Myanmar Railways will provide a route clear of the city, clickety-clacking past small villages of palm-thatched cottages built on stilts, ox carts trundling slowly along dusty roads with occasional sights of white or gold stupas. Kick start the journey today and create new memories in Myanmar!

* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.