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Best Guide from KL to Kelantan

Best Guide from KL to Kelantan

Travelling by bus from KL to Kelantan is, by far, a cost effective means as compared to the other means. There are several express bus services including the air-conditioned ones that offer bus from Kuala Lumpur to most of the towns in Kelantan. Some of the famous express bus companies that provide this services includes Transnasional and Cepat & Cekap Express . The destinations of many of these bus services include several towns in Kelantan such as Gua Musang, Tumpat, Kota Bharu, Rantau Panjang and Pengkalan Kubor. As for the pick-up point in Kuala Lumpur includes Hentian Putra, Putrajaya Central, Greenwood KL.

These services are on a daily basis and the terminal where visitors can catch a bus to their destination in Kelantan is Hentian Putra, near the PWTC (Putra World Trade Center). Bus journey from KL to Kelantan will take the Karak highway and you should be prepared to travel around 400 kilometers to your destination. Kota Bharu, for example, is situated 474 kilometers from Malaysia's capital, KL.

Visitors should therefore be prepared to travel for at least five hours plus. That is the reason why some people prefer to travel over-night. You should however not worry much given that most buses stop for some minutes, for the passengers to ease themselves and have some refreshments before proceeding with the journey. Whether you want to travel by night or not depends on you. What you might only want to know is that the issue of security in Malaysia should never be much of a concern to you.

Bookings should be made early enough during festive seasons and school holidays. You may want to purchase your ticket online. This will save your time, especially of queuing at various coach counters within KL. What you only need is a computer and an internet access and you are done. By just logging in to Easibook.com, you will be in a position to purchase a ticket and also get comprehensive info concerning bus services to Kelantan and various other parts within Malaysia and also Singapore.

* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.