Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service

About Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service

Pangkor Island of Malaysia is sure to take your breath away with its beauty and charm. It is depicted as one of the main tourist destinations for both local and foreign travellers, especially on holidays. It contains several beaches and resorts within the island in which tourists all over the world keep coming back for more. There are already quite a number of ferry companies and operators that serve routes towards this island as their destination but Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service has been recognized as one of the top favourites according to reviews.

Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service is a sea travelling company that offers ferry services between Lumut and Pangkor. They provide excellent service to their passengers and currently contains six ferries, as of now, that can carry up to around 220 passengers per trip to their desired destinations. This ferry company has also already made itself known to the Perak Tourism Industry because of its excellence and good feedback over the years. You wouldn’t regret booking at this ferry company because of how accommodating and good their crew and staff can be.

Popular Ferry Routes & Schedules

The usual routes taken by Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service consist of Lumut Jetty (Perak) to Pangkor Jetty (Perak) and vice versa. Their respective schedules change from time to time considering the weather, but they commonly depart in the following time:

● From Lumut Jetty

09:45 AM
11:15 AM
12:45 PM
01:45 PM
03:15 PM
04:30 PM
05:45 PM
07:00 PM
08:00 PM

● From Pangkor Jetty

09:15 AM
10:45 AM
12:00 PM
01:00 PM
02:15 PM
03:30 PM
04:15 PM
05:45 PM
06:30 PM
07:40 PM
08:30 PM

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Ticket Price of Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service

Ticket prices may vary but are nevertheless, affordable and cheap. This ferry company is already trusted by many, so you shouldn’t worry much about the fare that you will be spending your money on as they guarantee your safety and well-being throughout the trip.

Arrival Point and Pick-up Points

Arrival and pick-up points can be seen online for the ferry company, Duta Pangkor Express. Check it out yourself so you can determine where you should be going and where exactly you will arrive.

Top Facilities of Duta Pangkor Express Ferry Service

One of the best amenities and features of the ferries by this company is that they fit 126 to around 228 passengers on each one of their ferries! They are fully equipped with necessary facilities and apparatus such as comfortable cushioned-seats, air-conditions, toilets, life-jackets, and lifebuoy to make sure that you will feel safe and secure on each travel. Because of their reliable equipment and modern devices, you will also be able to enjoy the whole voyage as you watch the vast sea and smell the salty air as you grow nearer to your tourist destination.

Office Location

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