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Indomaya Express Ferry Service

For a traveler like you, the importance of having a safe trip is necessary for your health. So, you always make sure that whenever you travel, you have the important items with you. When it comes to venturing the ocean, you also think of the security of yourself so you look for a ferry that will take you to your destination safely. Exploring some of the islands of Indonesia, the Indomaya Express Ferry Service can provide you a boat where you will not just feel secured but also relaxed and happy. Going to the islands using this ferry service will be a great choice for your travel adventure.

The Indomaya Express Ferry Service is a ferry service that lets you understand the beauty of the sea that you are travelling to. This is a company famous to travelers who want to enjoy the beauty of various attractions in Tarakan and Tawau. These places have been flooded by many local and international visitors because of its jaw-dropping tourist destinations that you surely do not want to miss in your itinerary. Through the Indomaya Express Ferry Service, you can reach these attractions with a lot of energy and excitement. From Sabah to Indonesia, this operator will not make you think that travel is long because of the services that it offers.

Tawau is a place where you can get fresh seafood. Aside from that, it is where you can find the Balung River Eco resort and a museum called Guan Cocoa, which makes it the biggest attraction for agro-tourism in Malaysia. On the other hand, going to Tarakan will empower your mind because of the monuments and remnants that the war has left behind.

Indomaya Express Ferry Service’s Routes and Schedules

The routes of this ferry service include a ferry from the Tawau ferry terminal located at Sabah going to Indonesia specifically at the Tarakan Port of Kalimantan. The Indomaya Express Ferry Service only runs their ferry once per place daily. So, you have to be there before the exact time of the departure if you don’t want to get left behind by the ferry.

The time of departure in the Tawau ferry terminal is at 12 noon while the departure time at the Tarakan Port of Kalimantan is at 11 am in the morning. It will take you four hours to reach each of the destinations. The journey might be long but the travel experience under the Indomaya Express Ferry Service will not make you bored. The ticket prices are different for adults and children and it will also depend on the location of your desired attraction.

Indomaya Express Ferry Service’sBest Facilities

The facilities of the ferry are for your convenience and they provide safety tools for passengers like other ferries. Wandering the vast ocean and looking at the beautiful things that lie in the environment will gather excitement for your journey, and you will be left in awe as you finished that travel.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
TB4381, Lot 6, Pasaraya Plaza, Jln Coastal Highway, 91000 Tawau, Sabah 019-8088033
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