Konsortium Mesra Duta Service

Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service

Boats are imperative when traveling in the sea because it is your only gateway pass to reach the islands where you want to go to. Therefore, choosing the right ferry should be considered since it will be the key for you to explore the sparkling gems of each island. You need to know its flexibility so that it won’t ruin the travel. You must check on its safety and the services that it offers. Riding on the boat, you must feel comfortable and convenient because if not, it may affect the rest of the adventure. Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service is one of the ferry services that can take you to different attractions that lie in Malaysia.

The Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service is a popular ferry service that can guide you in your travel in some of the beautiful islands in Malaysia. It is located at Perak and provides regular operation. The company lets you have a beautiful sight of the attractions as you travel to the ocean. You will also experience the crispiness of the wind caressing your skin and the waves that move in the rhythm of the soothing breeze.

Schedules and Ticket Price of Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service

When you arrive at the town of Lumut found in Manjung district, you can go to the Lumut Jetty and ride one of the Konsortium Mesra Duta ferry service that will take you the Pangkor Island. This island is well-known for its majestic attractions that foreign travelers like to explore. The place has destinations with hotels that are designated in great positions to look at the beaches lying on the island. The tickets are at affordable prices so you can have a rest peacefully. Pangkor Island is one way of getting out of the stress and negativity, so the Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service will be key for you to get there.

The route of each ferry starts from the Lumut jetty, and at some point, it will stop and pass through the SPK Jetty located at the Sungai Pinang Kecil until you reach the Most awaited Pangkor island. The duration of the travel will take from thirty to forty-five minutes, but that travel time might change depending on the condition of the weather. So, if you want to have a nice, smooth trip, choose the month where it is a good time to travel in this island.

Main Attractions of Konsortium Mesra Duta’s Routes

Reaching the Pangkor island through the Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service, you can now enjoy the beauty of the place. There are many activities that you can do on the island, like swimming, kayaking, banana boat, hopping and jet skiing. This is perfect if you love doing extreme water sports. They also offer great food that you can indulge in. A fan of seafood would crave for the different kinds of squids and crabs that they offer. There are also bicycles and motorcycles if you want to go deeper to the island to meet the settlers and explore the life that they have there. You can experience all of these through the Konsortium Mesra Duta Ferry Service with affordable prices that await you.

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