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23 Mar 2023, Thu
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Singapore, Singapore
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
( Round Trip )
23 Mar 2023, Thu

Flight Service from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam has been making waves as one of the must-visit countries in Southeast Asia over the years. Previously known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in the country by population that promises a fantastic experience over delicious food, war-torn memories and remnants of French colonial architecture. Travellers in Singapore who are looking for an exhilarating journey do not have to go the distance, book a flight ticket to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam instead. Ho Chi Minh City is thriving like never before with a booming economy, sky-high spirit and fantastic nightlife.

A flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh takes a total distance of 1,091 km (678 miles). The flight duration of an average flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh is approximately two hours. There are about 104 direct flights from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh with most airlines providing affordable flight fare and great flight ticket promotion. Travellers can choose from several airlines including low-cost carriers that offer direct flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh.

How to get to the Singapore airport

Every flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh departs from Changi International Airport now. Getting to Changi Airport is not complicated due to the public transports that interlink all modes of vehicles be it taxi, train or bus conveniently and swiftly, so passengers will not miss their Singapore to Ho Chi Ming flight schedule.

Travellers can hail a taxi on any street or by requesting through the hotel receptionist. Taxis in Singapore are very well taken care of due to local regulations with fares not more than SGD27 as most places are not too far off in the distance. Passengers will make it for the flight time since the taxi ride to the airport will take no more than 30 minutes.

Another option is by taking the train as Changi Airport is the final eastbound stop on the Singapore subway route. Passengers must board the eastbound train at Tanah Merah station, then take the earliest train to Changi Airport.

For travellers opting the public bus instead, it stops at all four terminals in Changi Airport. The airport arranges free shuttle bus transfer at a first-come-first-serve order, but only operates from Monday to Friday.

About Changi Airport

Changi International Airport is the national airport of Singapore that is also one of the country’s most dazzling landmark. The airport has a total of 573 awards plus accolades since it first opened. It functions at full capacity by covering flight routes to many international destinations with various flight times. There are direct routes to Vietnam including flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh.

Visitors will notice the nature-themed concept of Changi Airport with the lush gardens and outdoor nature trail garden that captures the imagination of being outside. Changi is impressively modern with cutting-edge facilities with necessary amenities throughout all four terminals. Visitors will have access to baggage storage counters, ATMs, money changers, clean toilets, convenient stores, hawker-style food stalls, as well as praying rooms. Distinguished facilities such as the swimming pool, movie theatre, beauty and reflexology centres are entertainment motives for passengers who have long waiting time before departure.

Arriving in Ho Chi Minh City

Passengers on the flight from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh will arrive at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which is the largest airport in Vietnam. Situated 6 km north of the centre of Ho Chi Minh City, this airport functions from two terminal buildings namely Domestic Terminal 1 and International Terminal 2 with total capacity between 15-17 million passengers per year. Recent renovations of the terminals have improved the airport facilities including the openings of several restaurants as well as free WiFi for the public.

Passengers can get to the city from the airport by taxi on the left side of the terminal. Select metered taxis as they have regulated fares that heavily depend on distance together with waiting time while in transit to Ho Chi Minh City. The cost to most hotels in the area is from 150,000 to 170,000 Dong. Passengers can pay beforehand at the taxi counter before stepping out of the airport, but it will be costlier.

The cheap option is to take public city bus outside the Arrival entrance that operates from 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM to the downtown bus station near the Ben Thanh market. This takes approximately 45 minutes to get to the city centre’s main street before finally stopping at Pham Ngu Lao street.

Traveller Info

The flight takes between two to three hours from Singapore, making it one hour behind Singapore. The country’s official language is Vietnamese but French and English are also used. Note that Vietnam uses the Vietnamese Dong as its currency which is equivalent to more than 16,000 Dong for SGD1, however US dollars are accepted everywhere as well as credit cards. Cash withdrawals are available in top tourist hangouts in addition to most major cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City.

Fun fact about the locals is that they show respect with a slight bow when greeting elders. Most ASEAN nationalities do not need a visa to enter Vietnam for a short visit, so make sure to check if the visa application is required.


Everything about Ho Chi Minh City exudes action from the bustling streets to its colourful markets and the delicious food some might not have the stomach for. Book the cheapest flight fare from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to start this incredible journey.

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