Train Service in Mandalay

Exploring Myanmar by train is bound to be an experience one will never forget. The extensive railway networks in Myanmar are remnants of the old British-built colonial railway, that connect people from the most rural parts of the country to the more urban areas in the bustling cities. One of the cities is Mandalay located 716 km north of Yangon on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River. Mandalay is known as the second-largest city of Myanmar as well as being the last royal capital. The Mandalay train is a very popular mode of transportation in the city to get around the country.

Train travel in Mandalay is unique. Getting the train ticket for the ordinary class is very affordable onboard the Mandalay train, but expect simple wooden benches for the seats. In the first or upper class, cushions along with larger and comfortable seats are provided.

The class offered vary based on the routes chosen. For instance, the Bagan to Mandalay train route has a special sleeper cabin furnished with linen beds that accommodate up to four people, a private bathroom and a sitting area. Online booking for standard sleeper compartments with two or four beds and shared bathrooms from Yangon to Mandalay and Mandalay to Myitkyina can be arranged.

Myanmar’s train timetable tends to be changeable beyond Yangon, so expect the arrival and departure times to differ than the initial train timetable. Travel with an open mind with the Mandalay train in Myanmar as the entire experience can be an eye-opening one notwithstanding of class.

How to Get to Mandalay Railway Station

The Mandalay Railway Station is an old building located in the middle of the city located beside Hotel Marvel which is just within walking distance. There have been some improvements imposed on the railway station making it cleaner in addition to having better facilities. It is now a hub for all trains to and from upper, central and lower Myanmar.

Cars or air-conditioned taxis are abundant in the city centre, but make sure to bargain with the drivers for the best deal as they are prone to charge extra. Alternatively, book from a ride-hailing service that can be slightly cheaper as well. To use the bus, hop on the city transit that will drop passengers directly at the station. It will only take at most 20 minutes to get to from the city.

Travel to Mandalay with Myanmar Railways

The Mandalay train is operated by Myanmar Railways (MR), a state-owned agency that operates the railway network in Myanmar to full capacity. Also spelt as Myanma Railways, this established company ensure train travel convenience on top of bringing satisfaction for all passengers. Myanmar Railways is ardent to keep the number of accidents at a minimum in efforts to prevent any derailments.

Yangon To Mandalay Train Schedule

Yangon – Mandalay Line

Train schedule departing from Yangon – Bago – Taungoo – Naypyitaw – Thazi – Mandalay

Train number: 11 31 9/143 5 3 7
Classes: U, O U, O U, O U, O S, U, O, R U, O
Yangon Depart 06:00 08:00 11:00 15:00 17:00 20:30
Bago Arrive 07:45 09:40 13:01 16:41 18:45 22:10
Depart 07:48 09:43 13:16 16:44 18:48 22:13
Taungoo Arrive 12:21 14:07 19:22 20:49 23:15 02:20
Depart 12:31 14:10 19:37 20:59 23:25 02:23
Naypyitaw Arrive 15:19 17:00 22:50 23:29 01:54 05:00
Depart 15:22 - 22:55 23:32 01:57 -
Thazi Arrive 18:12 - 03:30 02:08 04:55 -
Depart 18:15 - - 02:11 04:58 -
Mandalay Arrive 21:00 - - 05:00 07:45 -

upper-class seats, U: upper-class seats, O: ordinary-class seats, R: restaurant]

The most popular train travel is from Yangon to Mandalay that offers daily trains connecting Myanmar’s two largest cities. The Mandalay train is considered old, but the 14-15 hours journey at approximately 400 miles is still a pleasant one. Local passengers take the Mandalay train as it is more comfortable than crowded buses while tourist gets a genuine travelling experience across Myanmar than any flight.

The train ticket prices for train to Mandalay ranges from USD18 to USD21.

Popular train routes to Mandalay Railway Station

Things to do in Mandalay

Mandalay has had an interesting past to which its charm still shines through. It was the last royal capital of Myanmar before the British took over and stood the testing times of World War II. With rapid development taking place, there are still the splendid markets, temples as well as monasteries amid flourishing teahouses that offer tourist the opportunity to do some exploring.

Visitors who come to Mandalay will not want to miss seeing the U Bein Bridge, which is the oldest teakwood bridge in the world built in 1849 crossing the Taungthaman Lake. It is best to come early morning to witness the amazing panoramic view of sunrise. Another must-see landmark is Hsinbyume Pagoda, a magnificent white temple within walking distance to Mingun Pahtodawgyi, another famous temple. While admiring the intricate architecture, visitors might get a glimpse of temple monks walking down the white steps to the pagoda. Lastly, there is the Mandalay Palace in the heart of the city, a reminder of the majestic glory in Myanmar’s history.

Traveller Info

Online bookings through Easybook must be made at least five days ahead of the departure date. Otherwise, tickets must be bought at the train station from which you will be departing. Passengers can book tickets at the railway station one day in advance for normal class seats and three days in advance for upper class seats; sleepers can be booked a week or two in advance. Passport is needed to purchase any kind of train ticket.

Seats are usually numbered in all classes, passengers with reservations should be able to secure a seat. Trains and other public transport in general, tend to be heavily booked during then Thingyan festival in April. Booking early is much recommended.

Please take note that travellers need to pay the train ticket in Kyat instead of USD, so make it simple by booking online through Easybook.


The Mandalay train is an excellent way to get around and experience the country at a deeper level, avoiding unnecessary flights and crowded buses. Travelling by train is as much an adventure as the country itself. Taking the overnight train works well in saving precious daytime for short trips to Myanmar as well as money on accommodation.

There are many things to do in Mandalay, all waiting to be discovered. Easybook offers easy-to-navigate online booking platform with train ticket promotions to give you the best train ticket price without breaking the bank .

* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.