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PT. Adibuzz Mitra Gemilang which operates in the transportation sector which includes providing tourism buses and inter-city inter-provincial transportation (AKAP)

PT. Adibuzz Mitra Gemilang provides the best solution for every bus rental need

Tourism and Inter-City Inter-Provincial Transportation (AKAP) because we provide the best prices according to your travel budget. Supported by professional drivers who are experienced in their fields, as well as friendly and highly trained bus crew to serve your trip.

PT. Adibuzz Mitra Gemilang is a company operating in the rental sector Transportation, especially Tourist Bus and Inter-City Inter-Provincial Transport (AKAP) vehicles, there are many choices of Tourist Buses and AKAP that we provide to meet your needs and tastes. Armed with experience and service from all drivers and staff on duty. Tourist buses and Inter-City Inter-Provincial Transport (AKAP) will greatly determine the comfort of your journey to your destination and recreation location.



New Unit, New Looks, New Impression 

In 2017 Adibuzz was ready with its new unit. Buses with a capacity of 59 and 42 passengers with a new appearance and better facilities. Full entertainment (Greater Audio, Greater Screen, Greater Pleasure) A larger LCD TV, DVD/MP3, Karaoke with a better audio sound system, make the experience of accompanying your trip even more enjoyable. Air Suspension The Adibuzz fleet uses an air suspension system as a replacement for iron fences. The air suspension is designed and made to provide comfort to passengers and excellent control of buses. Additional features, Additional Satisfaction You can enjoy additional features on our newest unit, with the provision of an electric socket which makes it easier for you to charge your favorite gadget.



Vacation In All Seasons 

Premium tourist buses and inter-city inter-provincial transportation (AKAP) are ready to accompany your trip with our best and newest fleet, which is supported by a fleet of luxury buses from well-known brands that have long been famous for their comfort and safety.

Service Of Excellence 

Accompanied by our friendly and experienced driver and crew in providing travel services. Get a comfortable and enjoyable travel atmosphere with Adibuzz.

Best Price 

Don't hesitate to choose Adibuzz as your travel partner. We offer fairly affordable prices with excellent service quality. Contact us to get friendly service at Adibuzz.


Benefits of Renting at PT. Adibuzz Mitra Gemilang

Every condition of the fleet on site, we always carry out routine inspections and maintenance to ensure customer safety and comfort. Daily maintenance is carried out by our trained mechanics and monthly maintenance is carried out by authorized dealers.
Competitive Prices (Competitive Rates) The price factor is one of our focuses where we always compete to provide competitive rental prices.

Experienced Drivers are trained and understand how to provide comfortable service starting from knowledge of the conditions and roads of an area, calm driving style and friendly communication skills to each customer.

Replacement Car If an obstacle occurs (for example car damage, accident, etc.) then we will immediately replace it with a class-class fleet.
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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Head Office Ruko Green Patio No. 03 Jl. Raya Pondok Rajeg No. 03 RT 005/RW 005 Tengah Cibinong Bogor
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