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Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service

Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service

One of the best ways to enjoy the different scenic beauty of Cambodia is by boats. You will not just be able to transfer from one island to another but you will also be in awe seeing amazing things. From the tranquil, blue sea pushing the boat to its destination, going to the crispiness of the salty wind dampening your nostrils up to the vast ocean of sky dotted by the cotton clouds. A feeling that will make you relax as you wait for your arrival with excitement. This is a moment you can enjoy while riding one of the ferries of the Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service.

A top caliber of boat services is the Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service. The company, with its modernized ferry, will take you wandering the beauty and gems of Cambodia. As a traveler, you will definitely enjoy the boats as you explore the different islands waiting for you. The calmness of your spirit should be awakened as you navigate with the Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service taking you in a unique travel experience.

Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service’s Schedules and Ticket Price

If you are going to use the ferries of this company, the departure will be in Sihanoukville. From there, you can travel to various attractions covered by the ferries. A lot of majestic views can be enjoyed in Cambodia, so it is not going to be hard to find a perfect destination. The routes of the ferries start from Sihanoukville and arrive at Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. These places are popular tourist attractions so you will enjoy your visit. With an affordable price of the tickets, there is no way you will regret riding on the ferries.

Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service’s Best Qualities

When it comes to their facilities, there are highly modernized speedboats with great amenities. They have a GPS system for the location. The safety of the passengers is a priority so each ferry has its own safety tools in case of emergency. Life jackets and buoys are available for the guests. A great boat also needs skilled staff for better services. So, they have crews that are experienced and most importantly have good communication skills. They are friendly so you can approach them if you have any concerns. In their ten years of foundation, the Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service provided faster travel service for the passengers as it is their primary goal. They want every customer to feel relaxed, safe and happy all the time.

Ferry’s Contact Details

With the Buva Sea Cambodia Ferry Service leading the transportation services, you can be assured to have an exciting journey. Their office is located at Serendipity Beach Street (502), Phum 4, Group 3, Sangkat 4 Sihanouk Ville, Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia. You can also contact them through their telephone number at +8550978888950 or at +069888950.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Buva Sea Office Serendipity Beach Street (502), Phum 4, Group 3, Sangkat 4 Sihanouk Ville, Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia +855 0978 888 950 / +069 888 950 -
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