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Genting Highlands, Malaysia to Perak, Malaysia Bus Schedule & Fare

Genting Highlands, Malaysia to Perak, Malaysia Trip Information
188 KM
Average Travelling Time:
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Best Guide from Genting Highlands to Perak

Best Guide from Genting Highlands to Perak

Bus Ticket From Genting Highlands To Perak

The travel from the peaceful and heavenly Genting Highland locale at Malaysia to Perak, one of the 13 states of Malaysia is yet another experience which is adorned with ease, affordability and luxury put together. The entire journey becomes way too simple due to the fact that there are way too many busses plying from Genting Highland to Perak in a particular given day which helps the visitors to a great extent. The easiest way to reach Perak from Genting Highland located in Malaysia is via the busses owned by the companies Persada Travel and Tours (Taiping) and also the other option which is the New Asian Travel Company. The timings at which the busses ply include one bus at 2:00 PM in the afternoon and three busses at 4: 30 PM in the evening with the Persada Travel and Tours Company. They all start off from the famous Mushroom Farm Bus Terminus in Genting Highland and usually have the drop off points in Perak at Taiping and Parit Buntar areas. The other option that the people has is to travel via the New Asian Travel bus company whose busses are scheduled at 3: 00 PM in the afternoon from the First World Hotel and plies till Perak and drops off its passengers at Ipoh Amanjaya.

Going From Genting Highland To Perak

Coming to the bus journey, the entire stretch from Genting Highland to Perak is a comfortable one to say the least where the bus people take the shortest possible routes to get the passengers safe to their destination. However, in order to give the passengers time to freshen up and relax in between, the busses takes short refreshment breaks which eases up the pain which happens while travelling usually.

Genting Highland To Perak Bus Travel Time

Even though the bus companies give an approximate time duration to the people while they get the tickets done to travel from Genting Highland to Perak as around 3 hour and 19 minutes per journey, it may vary depending on a lot of circumstances. The situation which may or may not increase the time duration to reach includes the breaks in between the journey along with the traffic woes!

Luxury Bus From Genting Highland To Perak

Although the distance of this particular bus journey is not that high and may last up to maximum of 4 hours, the bus companies make sure that their passengers are at ease throughout. The amenities provided in the buses include a thorough climate control air condition systems and modern seats and luggage places which make the journey hassle free and comfortable in the long run.

Online Bus Ticket Booking From Genting Highland To Perak

The booking for the busses in respect to this journey is not at all tough and involves one to log onto a travel booking website named www.easybook.com to get all the necessary information about the busses, their timings and the fares. Booking procedure is simple too and while sitting at a relaxed mode one can get the tickets in his/her mail without have to queue in a counter to get the same.

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