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Penang, Malaysia to Johor, Malaysia Bus Schedule & Fare

Penang, Malaysia to Johor, Malaysia Trip Information
687 KM
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Best Guide from Penang to Johor

Best Guide from Penang to Johor

Johor is one of the most popular states of Malaysia. Many people visit this place because of its tropical rainforest climate. It also has a very welcoming environment that attracts a lot of visitors. In fact, it is among those destinations that are popular

On the other hand, Penang is known for its heritage buildings and temples. Travelling from Penang to Johor by bus is very convenient as well as cost-effective since the main terminal point is located at the central point of the city. There are many express buses offering services to travelers heading to Johor. The commonly known ones are Newsia Express, Transnasional, and Plusliner. There are two common Penang bus terminals where travelers can take a bus to Johor from Penang. These are Penang Komtar and Sungai Nibong bus terminals.

The journey from Penang to Johor about 7-8 hours by bus. However, this is determined by the traffic. At a certain point, these bases are stopped so that the passengers may have a refreshment break. In most cases, this break takes approximately 20 minutes. This is enough time for travelers to take their snacks and bites as they ease themselves.

These buses are luxurious and provide an environment that is conducive for travelling to all passengers. That means passengers may not feel or realize the length of the entire journey. This is due to air conditioners and reclining seats installed on the buses. One good thing about travelling on this route by bus is that children are allowed to pay less than the normal fare supposed to be paid by an adult.

Travelling by bus from Penang to Johor is not as complicated as many people think. Therefore, you can take an initiative of booking one since that is the most convenient means of transport from Penang to Johor.

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