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PO NPM is an abbreviation that takes an initial letter from the words Naikahi Minang Company. PO NPM is one of the oldest in Sumatra which is still operating today after going through various transformations.

This transportation service company, founded in 1937 by Bahauddin Sutan Barbangso Nan Kuniang, is based in the city of Padang Panjang, West Sumatra. Now the family company is managed by the third generation, namely Angga Vircansa Chairul.

In its early days, PO NPM only served a few routes within the province of West Sumatra. Several decades later it developed by opening routes to various cities on the island of Sumatra. In the 1980s, PO NPM began to operate routes to the island of Java. From West Sumatra, PO NPM started departures to various destinations on the island of Java from several cities, such as Padang, Bukittinggi, Pariaman, Payakumbuh, and others. At the peak of its glory, from the 1980s to the early 2000s, the PO NPM route network stretched from Medan, Pekanbaru, Dumai, Jambi, Bengkulu, Palembang and Bandar Lampung on the island of Sumatra, to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi and Bandung on the island of Java. PO NPM also serves the main routes in West Sumatra, namely Padang – Bukit Tinggi.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
PO NPM Kantor Pusat Jl. Ahmad Yani, Padang Panjang, Sumatera Barat, 081270350350
Pekanbaru (Perwakilan Pariwisata) Jl. Soekarno Hatta No 23 (Sebelah SPBU) Pasar Pagi Arengka 1 082390201212
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