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Bus Surya Bali

PO Surya Bali, of course, knows a lot about the bus company for fans of this mode of transportation service in Bali. This bus serves the Bali, Jepara, and East Java coast routes. For those who often make trips on these routes, of course they will not be surprised by the services provided by the PO. Solar Bali's. This company was founded by I Ketut Nik Suryana. The company he built is in the form of a CV which has been the holding company for the transportation company since 8 years ago. At the beginning of its establishment, Surya Bali only had a few fleets that were used as tourist buses. Due to high public demand and the potential to develop wings on regular routes between cities and provinces, a route was opened for the public, namely Jepara - Denpasar.

The presence of PO Surya Bali which has the motto, "First Class Service" is indeed primarily to provide satisfying service for its passengers. This can be seen from its fleet which always rejuvenates every year and always follows current trends. Do not forget that the interior presents luxury which of course will not make the passengers disappointed. The seat facilities are soft and equipped with thick blankets and pillows which certainly provide more comfort for passengers when on the bus and traveling.

The opening of the AKAP regular route proves that PO. Surya Bali does not only focus on the Island of the Gods to provide tourism bus services. PO has opened various regular routes. Surya Bali, like Denpasar - Kudus - Jepara PP and is open to public passengers. By relying on various well-known manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz with the 1626 type and also the Hino RN285, as well as having a medium bus and microbus like Elf, it is increasingly providing quality and pleasant service for passengers. Certainly not inferior to the services of other bus companies.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Kantor PO Surya Bali Jalan Kesuma Dewa No.58, Denpasar
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